Math and God
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20-07-2016, 05:57 AM
RE: Math and God
(20-07-2016 02:40 AM)Heywood Jahblome Wrote:  
(20-07-2016 02:25 AM)Reltzik Wrote:  The god-concept has no such clear definition in terms of measurable real-world phenomena.

Let A = the number of things a being can do.
Let B = the number of bits of information a being knows.

Godliness = A + B. The higher the value, the closer a being is to being a god.

God = maximum possible value for A + the maximum possible value for B.

I just used math to describe God.

No you didn't.
If there IS a "maximum" your god is not infinite, AND your god is subject to the rules and laws of existence and Reality. That being, (who is REQUIRED to participate in the very systems it supposedly created) cannot be the creator of the very Reality it MUST participate in, by definition.

Oh well.
Back to Blowme's Simplistic Platitudes Design Studio to cook up more bs. Big Grin

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20-07-2016, 06:06 AM
RE: Math and God
If you want to describe a god using math, here ya go.
Height -0
Weight -0
Length -0
Width -0
Joules of energy -0
Mass -0

I could keep going but you get the point.

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