Mechina: Acheron
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25-03-2015, 11:55 PM
Mechina: Acheron
The latest in the Chicago-based, independent Cyber/Death Metal band's arsenal has been released. Not familiar with them? You should be. Particularly if you enjoy a good sci-fi epic featuring pummeling double-bass, crunching Djent-inspired guitar/bass riffs, roaring vocals and (creatively) auto-tuned male/female vocals; all set against the backdrop of some of the most epic and awe-inspiring orchestral and choir arrangements ever assembled.

I'll admit, my grasp of the entire storyline is a little loose. But it has been playing out since 2011's "Conqueror," (with 2013's "Empyrean" and 2014's "Xenon" - plus a few stand-alone singles - sitting in between) and this year's "Acheron" is the latest in the series. From what I understand, however, the story basically plays out like this:

There are two planets waging a religious war against one another. One is populated by humans; the other by a race of machine-gods called "The Empyrean." The Empyrean want the humans wiped out because, well, that's what gods seem to do, and the humans are tired of dealing with Empyrean's shit. (There's a lot of religious/mythological symbolism scattered throughout the story) So they go to war with one another, and fighting in that war is a woman named Alithea. During her battles, she witnesses the Empyrean exterminate her home planet; thus leaving her with a chip on her shoulder and a thirst for vengeance. Plus, at some point, there's a lot of implication that she (or someone) has become part machine and is suffering some internal conflict due to having become the very thing they're fighting against. Again, not really grasping the entire story. It plays out like a Tarantino flick with flashbacks and jump-cuts in between albums, so, I'm a little sketchy. (Plus, it's hard to follow a story when most of it is told via guitars/percussion) BUT, either way, it's epic as fuck and you need to delve into it if you enjoy technical death metal coupled with an epic storyline.

Links are provided for both "Conqueror" (the beginning of the story) and "Acheron" (the latest installment) respectively; both free to listen courtesy of the band themselves.

If you don't want to deal with all that, though, I personally recommend the songs "Anti-Theist/Non Serviam," "Anathema," "Erebus" and "Earth-Born Axiom" as samples to give you a taste of what they're all about. They highlight what I think are just a few of the band's best moments, and hopefully they make you hungry for more. This isn't merely a band: it's an experience, and I want everyone to share it with me. Cool

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