Meet the Skeptical Atheistic Engineer
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13-03-2015, 12:30 PM
RE: Meet the Skeptical Atheistic Engineer
He did challenge the Bernoulli principle. I'd like a little more detail about his beliefs about the Bernoulli principle. He has described experiments that demonstrate his ideas so I would like to describe an experiment that he has probably encountered. This is a low tech lab experiment.
This would give a certain amount of common experience and understanding for a description of what he believes about the Bernoulli principle. Take two similar apples with stems. suspend them at equivalent lengths from a rod with some string or thread so that they do not touch but are about 7 cm apart. Blow between them. The results I am familiar with is that the apples will be drawn together. The common interpretation of the Bernoulli principle asserts that these results are because a moving stream of any fluid is at a lower pressure than the static pressure around the apples. One could design some sort of flying machine that does not take advantage of this effect. I've heard it said that you could fly a barn door if you strapped a jet engine to it. It just might be more fuel efficient to take advantage of the effects that are observable as a result of the Bernoulli principle. The Bernoulli's got their named pinned to it because they came up with the math that describes it in intricate and very predictable detail. What do you think about the Bernoulli principle?
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