Mental Habits
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12-01-2016, 11:41 PM (This post was last modified: 12-01-2016 11:47 PM by GenesisNemesis.)
RE: Mental Habits
(12-01-2016 10:56 PM)julep Wrote:  I agree with not spending all of your time on it, and also strongly agree that reducing suffering is a good goal. I'm interested in whether you feel that observing your mental processes, etc., is something that has taken up more or less of your time as you've used it, or whether your use of these techniques has allowed you to spend more time doing other productive, fulfilling things, also.

For myself, it's a delicate balance, and I don't intend a knock on the idea, at all, especially if it's taking you to deep and interesting places. I have personally had to guard against my own tendency to wallow in analysis as a substitute for more risky, painful action--there's something to be said, IMO, for that old Freudian concept of sublimation.

At the moment I'd say it occupies most of my time, mainly because I want to see how far I can go with it. I do set aside some time for other things, though.
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13-01-2016, 04:45 AM
RE: Mental Habits
Interesting thread. However some are so affected by drugs they have no control t times of their own mind. I fit that mold. Some are simply insane. Just take a look at Pop's. Smile

NOTE: Member, Tomasia uses this site to slander other individuals. He then later proclaims it a joke, but not in public.
I will call him a liar and a dog here and now.
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13-01-2016, 02:18 PM
RE: Mental Habits
(12-01-2016 05:26 PM)GenesisNemesis Wrote:  
(12-01-2016 04:42 PM)Nishi Karano Kaze Wrote:  I'm still trying to figure out HOW one do it. I can't seem to get a handle on my own. It sounds so fucking easy if only you break the code. But I don't even understand the language I'm coded in.

I think to start you have to re-evaluate what is going to make you happy. For example, are external things going to make you "happy"? Things like possessions, or even other people. If you depend upon those things for happiness, the problem could arise that you are no longer "happy" if they are taken from you. So, then you'd have to ask yourself, why would you base your happiness on something that most likely isn't going to last a very long time? If you do not base your happiness on external things, wouldn't it be the case that nothing could be taken from you?

Something to consider genesis.

You say (and I agree) that one may not be able to seek fulfillment through material objects (unless maybe practising gratitude everyday) or what fulfillment that does come is temporary.

Could the same not be said for the examination of your thoughts? In that you will be coming up with different answers, but what answer will suffice? Have you got an actual goal to this and if so, how would you recognise that you have reached it or could it possibly be endless?

I have shared this video before and I think in regards to its questioning and self exploration it is probably the only good video that mooji has done, the rest of his videos (of which there are many) are wrapped up too much in certain fallacies and spiritual belief, to me personally anyway.

If you get time try out this guided meditation. There are many to listen to out there on the net but what I feel makes this one particularly good is that it narrows down goals you wish to achieve in your life, how they will look and to practise gratitude for what you do have today.

You can download the omvana app that has this meditation on it if you enjoy it.

I also think from a personal perspective that when I occasionaly meditate in silence, just quieting my mind and thoughs and simply concentrating on my breathing, once I am relaxed I just allow thoughts to come forward. Whatever does come forward I change so it is positive. They could be thoughts, feelings, shapes or whatever.

I also find acceptance quite powerful. Acceptance does not mean necessarily taking responsibilty for things that were not your fault, but accepting and acknowledging that they happened, that they are in the past and that you wish to move on. This helped me let go of a few things that I had conflict with.

I feel so much, and yet I feel nothing.
I am a rock, I am the sky, the birds and the trees and everything beyond.
I am the wind, in the fields in which I roar. I am the water, in which I drown.
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