Metazoa Info:Humans
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23-02-2014, 04:33 PM
Metazoa Info:Humans
[Image: muay-thai-fighter-throwing-jab-630x315.jpg]
Scientific Name:Homo Sapiens

Height: 2ft-8ft

Weight:lightest human was 4.7lbs- the heavist is 1,345lbs

Life expectancy:average 67.2 years, females tend to live longer

First appeared in the plestocene 0.195 million years ago

Location:There is no escaping them,they have a worldwide location

Taxonomical Classification

Species:Homo sapiens
Subspecies:Homo sapiens sapiens
[Image: hazda-tribe-cooperators.jpg]
Diet: Omnivore,but what is eaten varies region to region

Anatomy: The humans most amazing organ is the brain. Humans are the most intelligent animal so far. The human brain is complex, and this complexity has enabled humans the skills used for making tools, tools so skillfully made compared to other animals that they can even leave the planet all life has evolved on. The human brain can also understand how the world works, in fact humans can tell how the universe started using these tools. Humans are beginning to understand the core essence of the universe and the world, past, present, and can predict and understand the future. However humans are the weakest of all extant hominidae. Because evolution tends to give one great ability at the cost of wakening another one. Due to our tool making abilities, we didn't need to be super strong like our extant relatives. Humans also vary in skin and hair, however this difference is not much in the biology of humans and is not much except in Human social behavior.

Behavior: Humans are social apes. Humans are mixed however in their social behavior. Humans that work at a job, they will work together without even knowing each other names and will only talk to each other if it is needed for the job. During human wars, humans may work together with their own enemies if it means that they can both win the war. Humans when playing in a team game will tend to work with other humans they get along with. Humans form social bonds through sharing interest,playing,and helping each other out. Communication is the most important way of forming social bonds in Humans. Humans tools making abilities have formed one of the most amazing way of communication in the animal kingdom. Computers,cellphones,game consoles, and mail are some examples of this. Humans are also a very egocentric species. Humans believe that they are the most powerful animal on earth, to the point that humans use there beliefs to justify this. Religion for example. Certain religions will teach that what every deity that is worshiped that the whole universe was made just for humans, and that other animals are here to be under you. Humans are a force to be reckoned with when they work together.
[Image: 610xq.jpg]

Reproduction and Sexuality: Humans are one of the most sexual animals on the planet. Even at young ages humans can become sexual. The age of sexual maturity in humans starts at age 12 or 13. Humans have made laws to control when humans are allowed to mate. Human partners also depend. Humans are mainly monogamous, having one mate at a time, however humans can also be polygamous, meaning they have multiply mate weather it be a male or female. Humans are also pleasure them selves with no reproductive sexual acts, weather it be with someone of the opposite or same gender. Most of the time humans will have one baby at a time, though humans have been documented to have more. The unborn young of a human takes 9 months on average to develop. Humans take care of their offspring,but who takes care of it depends on the young's situation.
[Image: demarcusware3.jpg]

Relationships with animals: Humans interact with almost every animal that is extant today. Humans major relationships are with Domesticated Cats(Felis Silvestris Catus)
and Domesticated Dogs(Canis Lupis Familiaris). Both of these animals have been domesticated by humans. Cats are used mainly for company, while dogs were used for work but also keep humans company. The relationship between humans and these animals have grown to the point where humans have worshiped them.
[Image: 350px-Bastet.svg.png]

Another group of animals that share a relationship with humans are cattle(Bos Primigenius), the domestic goat(Capra Aegagrus) domestic sheep(Ovis aries),chickens(Gallus Gallus Domesticus) and the domestic pig(Sus Scrofa domesticus). These animals are used as food for humans and where also worshiped. These animals may make a great lunch for humans, but they also make great companions for them.

Animals that humans don't have such a good relations ship with are with human pest. Rats(Genus Rattus) and mice(Genus Mus) are both pest to humans, as both live in human homes and eat their food. However both of these animals have been domesticated by humans and kept as pets.
[Image: 73cee_Rat-in-Teal-Dress-300x213.jpg]

The humans arch nemesis are the house cockroaches(Family Blattidae). These insects can over run a human house and can even destroy one. Even the weapons of humans will do little to cockroaches and the best weapon against them that humans have is their own body strength when crushing them.

Human parasites include ticks(Order Ixodida) and tapeworms(Class Cestoda). Animals like spiders(Order Araneae) and snakes(Suborder Serpentes) tend to cause fears in humans. Animals like Trichoplax adhearnensis which is part of the phylum Placazoa, are really only important to humans to quench their thirst for curiosity.
[Image: ufc_women.jpg]
humans fighting for sport

Other sources about humans:

[Image: Guilmon-41189.gif] my youtube
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