Might soon be time to face the fire....
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06-11-2013, 03:28 PM
RE: Might soon be time to face the fire....
I would have to agree with the person that said it's more a series of pitched battles, rather than one full out assault. Most of the discussion with my family doesn't get too heated, and we are respectful. I think the slow method of coming out is much less stressful than the full frontal assault.

The few times I have really got irked about religion has been at coworkers. One was discussing how homosexuals were going to hell in FRONT OF an openly gay coworker. I snapped. 0-60 in 2.3 seconds.

The other confrontation happened recently. A coworker chuckled, "I have a theory about your and religion. Either nothing bad has ever happened to you, or something very bad has happened to you, and that's why you don't believe."

My brain kicked in before my mouth let loose, so I was able to hold in the "no, I just don't believe in utter bullshit that is religion." Instead I simplified (and censored) my reply, "No, it's actually because of all the bad things that happen to good people, it has nothing to do with my life."

I digress. I am very happy that your son can grow up in a home and not be scared of eternal damnation for the slightest discretions. Think of it this way--all the stress that you have about coming out as an atheist to your parents, is something your son will not have to experience. Many of us talk about our painful deconversion experiences, and it seems like that is something your son will be spared from.
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