Millions LOSE insurance because of Obamacare. Around 1,000 get insurance
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08-11-2013, 02:50 PM (This post was last modified: 08-11-2013 07:41 PM by frankksj.)
RE: Millions LOSE insurance because of Obamacare. Around 1,000 get insurance
(08-11-2013 01:11 PM)Chas Wrote:  Do you think this law was made in a vacuum? The insurers were in on it, so either they were willing to go along or they never planned to....

The insurance companies will take as much money as they can; we are all agreed on that. They were not surprised by this law and helped to draft it, so any cancellation is directly on them and the ignorance of lawmakers.

Now we agree 1 million %. After all this debate, we're on the same page. YES, I am sure the insurers themselves were writing those rules because it gave them the perfect excuse to cancel affordable, beneficial insurance plans, and replace them with garbage that is 5x more expensive and a total rip off. YES, I agree that the insurance companies were chomping at the bit to cancel those plans, and the ONLY reason they kept those plans was because before Obamacare the competitive pressure forced them to.

As I mentioned, my plan cost $50/month and gave me $2 million in coverage. But it came with a $12,500 deductible, meaning it only kicked in if there was a major, catastrophic event. For routine care, I was on my own. But, that plan is $2,400/year cheaper, so after a couple years, you've paid for the deductible anyway. Now the same $2 million in coverage with a bronze plan costs $250/month with a still-high $6500 deductive. They just raised my rates 500%, and I don't really get anything for it. They would have LOVED to cancel my low-cost plan ages ago and switch me to a high-cost maintenance plan where they get a big cut of every single medical bill I incur. They only reason they didn't cancel it sooner is because then I'd simply go with another insurer who continued to offer it, so they figured that if they can't get $250/month out of me, $50/month is better than nothing. I'm sure they colluded together to make sure that these new regulations would ensure that no insurance company could every again offer low-cost insurance like I had. It was a form of price fixing, but if they did it on their own, and all the insurance companies signed a pact to all simultaneously raise their rates, they'd all go to jail for it. However, Obamacare allowed them all to do just that, and do it with complete immunity. Now ALL insurances simultaneously have to eliminate the low-cost plans, and everyone like me is forced to pay 5x more for a high-cost plan and we have no means of escape. Of course, the insurance companies will never admit it. They'll say "Oh gosh, we really wanted to continue offering you an affordable plan, but that asshole Obama forced us to cancel it. We're so sorry."

Since it sounds like we're in agreement that the insurance companies are using Obamacare as an excuse to rape people, can you see why I was opposed to mixing government and private insurance in the first place? It should be either a pure government system, like Canada or Sweden. Or a purely private one (only at the State, not Federal level, so you have 50 competing systems and I can move to whichever system works best). You compare it to Switzerland, but since the Swiss government effectively took over the private insurance companies, setting prices, etc., it really is a government system, like Canada, with the administration simply outsourced to private companies. The system we have in the US where the private insurance companies are given free rein to rape and plunder, and the government runs interference and forces us to take it, that, to my knowledge, is a uniquely American crony-capitalism. I still have not heard anybody name one other country that requires its citizens to buy health insurance from private, for-profit corporations that are free to set their own rates. Obamacare is not like the Swiss system imo--it's in its own league.
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