Miracles, prophetic dreams and evile eye?
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25-04-2017, 03:11 AM
RE: Miracles, prophetic dreams and evile eye?
(24-04-2017 10:56 AM)no_reason Wrote:  
(24-04-2017 08:50 AM)OakTree500 Wrote:  Yeah, the short answer is, your mom thinks she has these gifts, and happily tells people about it. She's had some coincidences happen, which to her, confirm her supposed power.

It's not that she's knowingly lying, as she'll 100% believe this to be true. The other side of that argument is, these types of "ability's" don't exist, so she literally can't be doing the things she says. It's not people poking fun, it's just us saying those things don't happen...ever, so she's wrong. That doesn't mean you have to call her out on her tales of amazing power, but as long as you understand, nobody does have or has ever had, the type of talents like your mom says she has, you'll be fine.

I agree about this but my mom found many times pictures of this saint accidentally I don't know if this is lie but my mom hasn't said these stories only to me but she also said in strangers
Again, not so much as a lie, but more that she believes it to be true.

The picture thing is easily explainable. You live in/around an area where that saint is common. For example, I don't think that saint is mentioned in any form in the town I live in, so I've never seen a picture of him in almost 30 years of my life.

As your mother used to attend a church devoted to this saint, and has had pictures of him before, its not unusual to find one randomly. That and because we are problem solving creatures, much like our other ape family members, we connect the dots in the things we see/believe. In this case your mother believes these things to be true, and when she is thinking of something that [in her mind] relates to the saint, no matter how trivial, and she find his picture...well it must be a sign, right?

Again, just don't over think it. She doesn't have special gifts, because nobody has ever had them...because it's not a real thing. You mother thinks shes does, and will probably believe it for her entire life, so just leave her to it.

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25-04-2017, 05:33 AM
RE: Miracles, prophetic dreams and evile eye?
(23-04-2017 09:48 AM)no_reason Wrote:  
(23-04-2017 05:18 AM)Robvalue Wrote:  I see, yeah.

All I can do is offer what appears to be the most likely explanation. It is well known how easily fooled people can be by confirmation bias (like with prayer). Nothing out of the ordinary is happening here. People are constructing links between events after the fact. To test if there was anything in it, there would have to be some proper criteria set up. I would bet any money you like that it would all fall apart under scrutiny.

But of course I can't be certain of anything. If someone could really do this though, they could debilitate prominent people they didn't like such as politicians.

I never believe in something if I don't have proof but I don't believe that my mom say so many lies. When I was young I was in my home with my mom and I saw my mom to say that she hear my sister to cry (my sister was in luna park this time) and the same time my sister hurt what is your opinion about this? (I saw this event I don't make fun).

You know, there are many prizes for evidence of the supernatural, you should get your mom to sign up and try to win them:

List of prizes for evidence of the paranormal

Looks like the Harry Houdini prize will hand out 1 million USD for proof of supernatural power, she could be rich in short order if she could demonstrate this power. Thumbsup

Gods derive their power from post-hoc rationalizations. -The Inquisition

Using the supernatural to explain events in your life is a failure of the intellect to comprehend the world around you. -The Inquisition
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25-04-2017, 06:39 AM
RE: Miracles, prophetic dreams and evile eye?
Your mom could turn her “gifts” into a money making scheme, why not?

In one of my apartments I have a Santera. She has quite the enterprise going reading people’s entrails or whatever it is she does. People pay good money to have her do trabajitos for them though I did have to ask her to stop beheading chickens and leaving their corpses around the building, bad juju for keeping the other tenants from leaving.

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25-04-2017, 06:51 AM
RE: Miracles, prophetic dreams and evile eye?
(24-04-2017 01:41 PM)no_reason Wrote:  
(24-04-2017 11:50 AM)Robvalue Wrote:  Here's my take on stuff like this "evil eye":

Considering not everyone is supposed to have it, a person has to be told (or suggest themselves) that they have it. And they're not going to continue the belief without support from those around them at least.

So let's say a coincidence happens. Someone says something mean about Auntie Mabel, and then they learn that she fell over and bashed her head at roughly the same time. Then someone decides that this person has the "evil eye", or that they might have it. After that, this person and everyone around them (who believes this is a real kind of thing) start focusing on any coincidence that might happen, trying to make connections. They will continue to happen, of course. It's just that all the times things don't line up with the theory will be ignored.

The person might desire this kind of attention, or else be afraid of the magic of it, and either way start manufacturing or imagining things to create more supposed coincidences. Memories are unreliable at the best of times, so it's quite easy for someone to believe they thought about so and so at just the same time something happened to them, whether the actually did or not.

So basically everyone gets caught up in the myth, and confirmation bias along with unreliable narratives (which may well not be intentional) keep the whole thing going. The fact that this thing only "exists" within the culture that believe it exists shows you that it's extremely like to be all in the mind.

This is very good explanation

Thank you Smile

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