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16-08-2013, 05:47 PM
RE: Moderates
(14-08-2013 11:23 AM)mylittlepretender Wrote:  Still, people make a living out of being a bliss ninny in the political media. They pretend like there aren't intractable issues that need to be addressed in a way that leaves a significant portion of politicians out in the cold.

(Note that I'm not specifying my own political beliefs in the OP, lest I alienate a thoughtful reader.)
Yeah, I know that. I point that out, everyone agrees, but when I really address the issues at hand, then suddenly I am a dangerous radical fascist anarchist.

I tell people that the sun does not rise in the morning, that plants do not grow and that nobody has the right to their own opinions or beliefs. And I can defend these statements.

When you say that a random "-ism X is bad", almost everyone will agree with you. I say all isms are bad. The only correct solution is an ad-hoc case by case solution that is proven to work in that given case. Isms are just too broad generalizations about reality and they hurt people. Isms control masses of people and when masses of people are doing something, then it makes an impression that something is being done and it creates an illusion that a given ism works. People believed in Communism for more than 40 years. People still believe in war on drugs. People still believe in capitalism. Isms don't work, but people say the reason for that is, that we need more of ism. If all were white, middle class capitalists, we'd have a global free market in no time! If all were Christians, there would be no sin and no Hell! If all were Muslims, there would be no need for beheadings and bombings!

A thoughtful reader, really? Rolleyes I consider moderates (like libertarians) a joke. Their idea of change is just a small tweaking of the system in my eyes. There is no real change without great fear or great learning.

What is leftism or rightism? I am a natural liberal leftist by birth. I wish peace and love to humans, animals and plants. But how would I go at it? By being a right-wing ruthless fascist ruler over my machines. I do not allow any freedom to my machines. Machines are my slaves, I give them what they need to go on, but they must work for me tirelessly. Fuck the Clarkian conscious robot AI fallacy. That guy never saw a computer close up. Machines are pieces of dead matter that do not work. I repeat, machines do not work. They are being worked by energy streaming by their circuits. A machine can not even turn itself off, the energy triggers a circuit that turns the rest of it off. I recognize no machine rights, no AI rights. I am a humanist fascist asshole when it comes to machines. I would base a whole human civilization on enslavement of computers and exploitation of machine labor.

So what am I, a fascist anarchist. A living contradiction.
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