Modern Miracles
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23-12-2016, 02:55 PM
RE: Modern Miracles
Yesterday I had a FB friend say...
"Pray about it, then let god handle it. Don't let it worry you anymore."

I replied with...
"If you have an unshakable faith that everything happens according to gods will, then you should never have to pray for anything. Praying is asking god to change his plan. Praying is a way to tell god that you have no faith in his plan."

She replied "Interesting perspective. I had never thought of prayer as asking god to change his plan."

All it takes is that one nudge to make them think.

Insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results
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23-12-2016, 02:57 PM
RE: Modern Miracles
(23-12-2016 01:37 PM)unfogged Wrote:  
(23-12-2016 11:35 AM)Diddlyboop Wrote:  1.) A tree was making someone's allergies act up. Their parent, a preacher, went out to the tree and rebuked it in God's name.
2.) The next day, the tree had shriveled up and hasn't produced a single thing since.
3.) Goddidit.

Why would anybody believe anything like this actually happened? Even a second's thought about the implications would show it to be complete bullshit. Why is critical thinking such an unused skill?

First, it's a clear rip-off of the "fig tree" story from the bible. Second, if somebody is allergic to a tree they live near they either get some allergy medication, cut down the tree, or move. You don't "rebuke" a tree -- it isn't like the tree could understand a rebuke or was even doing anything maliciously. Third, why the fuck didn't they pray for the allergies to be relived instead of taking out a single tree? Was that the only tree this person encounters that they are allergic to? Fourth, how would they know that it was the rebuke that killed the tree? Post hoc ergo propter hoc is not a basis for rational belief. Last, how do they know that a god was involved and the tree just didn't like being yelled at? That's at least as credible an idea. Fucking hell, if this is what is on FB I'm glad I've never used it.

I was thinking the same thing, so he can either kill the tree or just heal the allergies? There will always be more trees this guy is allergic to right? What good will come from killing this one tree?

Well I guess it's easier and more fun for him to just kill the tree?

So those are our choices either there is no God or there is a God and he hates trees, he will kill them for any reason.

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