Moral absolutes
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07-05-2016, 09:00 AM
RE: Moral absolutes
(28-01-2016 09:44 AM)Heatheness Wrote:  I agree, no absolutes except rape. Rape is never correct, even at the expense of the species. First, in your analogy one female could not repopulate the earth, genetically impossible. Secondly, say there were 50 females and they didn't want to reproduce and the human race would become extinct. It would still be a immoral absolute to rape them. Once you make the decision to force intercourse for any reason, even breeding to survive, you have in fact demoralized the human female to an animal of burden and demoralized the male to an animal predator.

That is absolutely immoral.

We are either humans with the capacity for moral behaviors or we are immoral animals. Rape is never moral.

Animals aren't necessarily immoral. I think in matters of mating or breeding there is no "consent" and animals that have a hierarchy and even most that don't will not kill other animals once they are proven submissive. So one in essence could say that animals are more "moral" than humans. Unless it's a male lion taking over a pride and killing the young of it's predecessor in order to propagate his own genepool.... I just argued myself down... you're welcome.
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