Mordechai Vanunu, political prisoner since 1985.
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27-06-2013, 08:22 AM
Mordechai Vanunu, political prisoner since 1985.
Mordechai Vanunu worked in a nuclear weapons facility and became a whistleblower and exposed his countries nuclear weapons to the world. This country at the time and still today denies they possess nuclear weapons, but still arrested the guy and held him in prison for decades, he is released now but is basically under permanent house arrest, internet restriction, no phone calls from people outside the country, can't leave the country etc etc.

What kind of fascist government would do this to a whistleblower?

Note: he must have had terrible lawyers (go figure). If I was his lawyer I would have said "hey your honor so if these places aren't nuclear weapons sites then my client didn't expose anything worth going to jail over."
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