More fun with Facebook
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12-07-2015, 03:05 PM
RE: More fun with Facebook
Okay, this one my mother shared, on her FBook feed. I wasn't going to share it here for its stupidity until one of her friends commented after I did. Keep in mind, she is highly intelligent and just retired last month as department head of the speech/theatre/masscomm department of a (Christian) university. Highly well-read, in her field, a tenured professor with a doctorate, she nevertheless knows little beyond the Fundy thought-circles on issues of theology and apologetics because she has always refused to go "outside the church" into the realm of "Man's Knowledge" and secularism. She posted this gem, on which I corrected her, as follows. (The names, in bold, have been changed to protect identities; all else is identical.) But the "Family Fundy Friend" at the bottom's comment enraged me, since they're close friends from the church and my mom hadn't even acknowledged my scholarship (from a well-known and very Christian website!) on the issue, it tells me that they think I'm attacking their faith, rather than trying to make sure they uphold it. That's why it makes me mad. In no way was I derogatory or disrespectful of Christianity or faith in that post of mine.

Rocket's Mom shared FellowFundie's photo.
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It's true. NIV just skips these verses. So strange.

[Image: bibleNIVcrazy_zps1rnlxxwq.jpg]

The ‪#‎NIV‬ has taken scriptures out of the bible on mobile devices and computer apps. 45 COMPLETE verses removed from the bible. ‪#‎readitforyourself‬ ‪#‎dontbedecieved‬ ‪#‎readtheHolyBible‬
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RocketSurgeon76 According to Bible Gateway (Gospelcom), those verses are ones that were not found in older manuscripts, and so are of questionable (extra-Biblical) origin. See for instance the note "j" on the NASB version of Matthew 17, and use the tab to switch between translations.
Bible Gateway passage: Matthew 17 - New American Standard Bible
The Transfiguration - Six days later Jesus *took with...
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FamilyFundyFriend Remember to love the sinner,but hate the sin they commit.
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"Theology made no provision for evolution. The biblical authors had missed the most important revelation of all! Could it be that they were not really privy to the thoughts of God?" - E. O. Wilson
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