Mormon and Catholic in the White House
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29-10-2012, 08:05 PM
RE: Mormon and Catholic in the White House
(29-10-2012 07:43 AM)Denicio Wrote:  I shudder at the thought of having a Mormon Prez and Catholic VP in the whitehouse in 2012. Regardless of Economic policy, the social policies they will push will move us back to the 1920's easily. Womens rights? For'get'a'bout'it!
Gays? Might as well sharpen the blades of the old Guillotine!

I find it alarming that in 2012, THESE are the best my old party (GOP) can produce.

I suppose i can rejoice in the fact that i am a white none of the policies will effect me directly.....but it sucks if you are not me!

I truly think we are living in a Twilight Zone Episode!


We already have a Catholic VP, Joe Biden, in the White House. Am I worried about Mormanism? Not really--they seem a bit less apocalyptic than evangelicals. Though Mormanism, only to be outdone by the Scientology, is a perfect example of people willing to believe almost anything if wrapped up into a religion. We have historical records showing Joseph Smith to be a convicted charlatan. The historicity of Jesus and the veracity of the particulars of his life can be debated, but there really was a Joseph Smith, and that guy was a fraud.

To me, they are both kind of crazy. Mormanism seems to have racism built into it. In order to fit the changes in culture, the modern church has 're-interpreted' the plain text meanings of teachings which describe Indians and races as having their color skin due to bearing a mark of sin from their ancestors. And of course the Mormons make it a true 'American' religion but making the Garden of Eden in Missouri. The entire religion is nothing but a crude plagiarism of Christianity. Their religious text, the book of Mormon, is filled with corny pseudo biblical sounding catch phrases which lead Mark Twain to call it 'chloroform in print' Smile

Otherwise, many of their religious practices are rather quaint and somewhat wholesome in a 1950's TV sitcom sort of way. That makes them somewhat goofy, but otherwise benign in my point of view.
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