Most charitable nations in the world
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29-11-2015, 04:26 PM
RE: Most charitable nations in the world
(29-11-2015 10:05 AM)bemore Wrote:  In the UK we have people who stop you in towns or who occasionaly will come and knock on your door.

They are known as Chuggers (Charity muggers)

This doesnt help with their reputation.....

Seems like there is plenty of money to be made being charitable.

'Chuggers' brilliant name.

The other week I was working security during the day. I was by our main entrance the whole day and two young (about mid 20's) dudes showed up in the morning. They were from OXFAM and were asking people for donations.
Holy shit, and I thought I was hated when I have to ask to see people's receipts of they set off the security gates. People were sooo rude to these two dudes. Refusing to shake their hand, telling them blatantly to "fuck off" etc.. etc..

BUT in saying that, I don't blame people because these guys were incredible pushy and rude themselves. They'd get people as they were coming down the escalator and they'd wave at the people as they were on the escalator and tell them to come over and talk to them etc... Had to tell them several times to not do that, harassing our customers.

I don't understand how charities like OXFAM can get away with being so rude and pushy? Surely it's so bad for business? or do they just pressure so many people into forking out their credit card details it's worth it?
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