Mother Teresa to be made a saint
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30-03-2016, 06:23 AM
RE: Mother Teresa to be made a saint

No, I don't think it's possible to de-canonise someone when the identity of the saint can be assured. The only cases of de-canonisation were linked to caracters that were deemed «mythical» more then real. The Catholic Church frowns upon other reasons. Yes, one of the main reason would be that it would be very embarrassing for the Catholic Church. The second would also be for administrative reasons. There is thousand of saints in Catholic heritage. According to your casual atheist none of them should be one of them and if cafeteria Catholic knew more about the history of some of them they might consider them monstrous or ridiculous. I mean, why would we keep Saint Valentine? His greatest accomplishment was to make fake marriage so that some young men could dodge conscription and generaly helping the budding Christian community. Not exactly praise worthy, but not to shaby either. Just a normal dude trying to help other dudes in a somewhat shady way. His execution might have been a bit too much (and the main reason for his sainthood), but it's pretty slim case of sainthood. Don't start me on Joan of Arc, a saint who's sole accomplishment is organising and killing people of a rival nation at sword point. That's a very famous and ridiculous Catholic Saint. At least Mother Theresa represented well what the Catholic Church aspired to be. Her mythos is much better than that of many saints even if its just that.

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