Mouse In The House!
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16-08-2015, 08:12 PM (This post was last modified: 16-08-2015 08:16 PM by Fireball.)
RE: Mouse In The House!
(11-08-2015 07:41 AM)onlinebiker Wrote:  Take a 5 gallon bucket - and put two 1/4 inch holes 180 degrees from each other at the top (open) end... take a soda can - and punch a hole in the bottom and the top. String a wire through the can - and secure it through both of the 1/4 inch holes in the bucket. The can will now be suspended more or less in the center of the middle of the open end of the bucket. Put some peanut butter on a few spots on the outer diameter of the pop can....

Fill the bottom of the 5 gallon bucket with a few inches of water.....

The mice will find this - climb it - go out on the wire and when they get on the pop can to get the peanut butter - their weight will cause the can to rotate - and they'll fall into the water....

They'll drown in a few hours....

You sometimes get 5 or 6 mice at a time.... Check it every other day at least....

I hear this also works for rats, but maybe the guy in my last post hadn't heard of it. I only learned of it two years ago. I don't like putting out poison- too many chances for squirrels or some such (like my little dogs) to get it (I'm talking garage, crawlspace or attic, not outside). Squirrels are technically fluffy-tailed rats, as far as I am concerned, but they are protected here.

This also works for crickets. We get tons of them here sometimes, and the spiders don't always keep up. Probably because I'm always walking through their *%IU%$# webs, mainly in the garage.
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16-08-2015, 09:18 PM
RE: Mouse In The House!
I once adopted two white mice. Then I adopted a rat. I now have tremendous respect for rats. It used a kitty litter! When I got home it would sit on my shoulder and talk into my ear. Rats are kind of like dogs. But they get cancer easily and die around three years old. I was very sad when my rat died.

I'll never have another pet. Sad

NOTE: Member, Tomasia uses this site to slander other individuals. He then later proclaims it a joke, but not in public.
I will call him a liar and a dog here and now.
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