Movies to recommend, take 3 - Hughsie
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15-01-2013, 08:16 PM
Movies to recommend, take 3 - Hughsie
OK, my turn to make one of these threads.

What movies (or TV mini-series) can anyone recommend to me? I'm in a phase of watching loads of films that I would call psychological thrillers (or just thrillers), that's what I'm in the mood for at the moment. Examples of these types of work that I have recently enjoyed are; Hard Candy, Seven, Shutter Island, The Secret Of Crickley Hall, The Da Vinci Code/Angels and Demons, Orphan, Silence Of The Lambs, and The Millennium Series (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo + sequels (original Swedish, not American)).

Anyone got any ideas?

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Movies to recommend, take 3 - Hughsie - Hughsie - 15-01-2013 08:16 PM
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