Moving the Goalposts
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08-01-2014, 03:39 PM
RE: Moving the Goalposts
(07-01-2014 10:56 PM)Taqiyya Mockingbird Wrote:  
(07-01-2014 10:36 PM)Paranoidsam Wrote:  Yeah, I suppose... I feel a bit guilty for talking about it on here.

Feels like I'm talking about him behind his back, cos he's a really nice bloke and all.

NO need to, really. I understand, of course. You DIDN'T cheat, though. You just looked to all resources available to you.

Sure he's a nice bloke.

I now a lot of folks who are "nice blokes", but still batshit-crazy.

YMMV with degrees of BSC with your friends.

What makes it infuriating is that people like that never engage you in the discussion, they simply retreat... I always picture it as a naval battle, where one ship stays just out of range. Every time you step things up, they retreat a bit further.

So you waste a lot of time getting your facts right, and coming up with good arguments...

It seems to be a very common thing with theists, only a hand full join sites like this looking for an honest discussion...



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