Mr Woof - I challenge you
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15-12-2012, 03:00 PM (This post was last modified: 15-12-2012 03:03 PM by Mr Woof.)
RE: Mr Woof - I challenge you
Some decades ago homosexual men were, in varying degrees treated as second class citizens because of their sexuality and this was wrong.

Today we have moved to a polarized position with many seeing male feminine men as exactly the same as women or as a mix of the two, as expressed in their sexual feelings, and to be afforded the exact same parenting rights,on demand and with little consideration of the issue.

Have we all been bewitched by ad populum arguments and category equivocations?

The male species have feminine tendencies and the female species male tendencies, and where one chooses to adopt or feels obliged to adopt a role contrary to how they actually are (physically, chemically, hormonally etc) they adopt a role not a complete sex change.

I have tried to look at the real problems of acting too fast in affording same sex rights equivilent to the historical rights that have evolved and cop accusations of bigotry, stupidity, cruelty, and any other negative trait the perpetrator can come up with.

Your arguments simply push vested interests and refuse to consider the existence of any other side to the story.
Bigotry to you, is disagreement as you are so enmeshed in certainty of your own righteousness that any compromise is impossible.

Where society embarks on any major change it should look to all the variables, not simply 'rights' on demand.

Where debate is reduced to dogmatic abuse, and refusal to put all considerations on the table;limited to emotive out bursts and reliance on shocked indignation, accusations, attacks, and unjustified assertions, then we get nowhere.

I rest my case and trust other agnostic people consider all of the issues and don't go off half cocked like you.
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15-12-2012, 03:43 PM
Mr Woof - I challenge you
Earmuffs has finished his side of the discussion.

Since he forfeits, I declare Mr. Woof the winner by TKO. Drinking Beverage

It was just a fucking apple man, we're sorry okay? Please stop the madness Laugh out load
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