Music and Recovery from Anything and Everything
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05-07-2013, 02:58 PM
Music and Recovery from Anything and Everything
Music has always helped me on several fronts. It's helped me tune into my creative side, enjoy my environment more, but this thread is more geared towards how music has helped me cope with life, the anything and everything it threw at me.

To start, I got into the artist Mr. Scruff. He's a DJ from the UK. I first heard his music on a Audi car commercial. Google was just starting, but I was able to find him by referencing the commercial's car company and model. I worked diligently for over an hour, as I was new to it.

This was the song:

Not long after, I had decided to reach out for help from the hell of what my family life was. I found myself not long after in the children's hospital. There, I met a patient who had privileges to go back home. I asked if he could make me a CD for me. I wrote him all I could about the artist, and asked that he get me as much as he could of Mr. Scruff. I got the album Shanty Town by Mr. Scruff. It goes like this:

The style of music is interesting to me as it's a bunch of different audio of spoken subjects, in this case, that of whales. I learned later on that it was a style of 'mashup'.

I would listen to it as it helped me focus on something completely different than the problems of my youth. This was the only artist who brought me consolation and helped me feel okay to be a kid. I was rarely afforded that luxury living at home with my folks.

Through the internet a few years later, I got onto Myspace. I linked up to Mr. Scruff, probably my first, and then saw at the bottom of the page, a few other groups. One of them was the group Fingathing. Their tracks were diverse as well, still keeping with the themed mashups.

This was definitely the style I was into. It was my childhood and young adulthood put together seamlessly. It's fun, and helped me cling to the good times of my past and make memorable memories during my then present.

And now, well... I'm a creature of habit, and just realized today that I'm listening to a music group who is quite like those two other groups. I didn't know it at first.

The group is called Melodysheep.

Nowadays I'm more focused on furthering my goals in studies to allow a better future for myself. My hope is to study Entomology. It's science, and Melodysheep is all about science! Not only science, but a lot of stuff and people from my childhood!

Whenever I go through something that is stressful or I just need time away from 'life' for a bit, music is a place I like to turn to. I don't call it a 'thing' as it feels so much more than that.

I like how my coping music reflects what I like and value in life.

What do you listen to that helps you cope with anything and everything? Blush

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10-07-2013, 03:28 AM
RE: Music and Recovery from Anything and Everything
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Through profound pain comes profound knowledge.
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