Must Read!!!!!!
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10-12-2012, 04:03 AM
Must Read!!!!!!
Today I sat down with my parents and simply told them I've lost faith., that I no longer belive in God nor satan,

My mom and dad got so furious and threatened to throw me out of the house since I willcontaminatethe whole family, that am making a very reskless decision. How could I turn out an apostate, my dad's threat was very serious and severe. My mom was wondering what am going through and later called me to verify I was drunk or whether God or them did anything bad to me. I told them no, my father angrily went out then I tried explaining the two basses of morality and one which is best ie subjective morality and objective morality, I guess she understood it because she was educated unlike my father, who was ready to throw me out. In Jehovah's Witnesses organisation when you disassociate yourself from them you won't get any subsidy, no friends will talk with you again nor your family involve with you anymore, you will actually be shunned and persecuted.

Back to story, so my mom called to my attention and confessed that all there successes are because of their membership, so I should think about it.

Wow, didn't expect my patents to be so mad at me, even threatening to eject me from there care as I told them am no more a believer that on the fence of been an atheists or agnostic , best I keep this to myself and withdraw my statement for fear of losing my life
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