My Bottom 10. Premillenialist Dispensationalist Christian Arguments.
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10-08-2013, 04:19 AM
My Bottom 10. Premillenialist Dispensationalist Christian Arguments.
This thread is not meant to be informative,or an instigation for a debate, or even an attempted refutation of these "Proofs",just a vent on my least favorite arguments for (PMD) Christianity put forth by many PMD Christians.

1. The Antichrist!. I Honestly don't know were this guy came from, he is a composite character, made of dozens of Bible verses torn out of context and pasted together to create an ultimate evil that will appear at the end of days. Most of him comes from the Books of Daniel and Revelation respectively, where he is never once called the antichrist. The rest is just random verses about evil leaders or armies coming against Israel stuck together.

2. Ezekiel 38 Predicts A future invasion of Israel by Russia!. No, no it doesn't, if you weren't a brain dead idiot who blindly parroted what you hear from the radio instead of taking time to actually read your damn Bible, you would realize this. First of all, Ezekiel explicitly describes the invading army using Swords, Shields and Horses!. Unless the Kremlin collectively goes batfuck insane and develops a serious case of Nostalgia for the days of the Tsars, I don't see this happening any time soon.

There's also the little detail of Why the fuck would Russia invade Israel!?, that is political suicide, and probably literal suicide, because there's no way the nukes aren't gonna start flying after a random and unprovoked invasion of probably the most controversial nation on the planet.

3.The EU is the Revived Roman Empire predicted by Daniel!. Where did Daniel predict a Revived Roman Empire, please, please show me, I'm begging you. There wasn't even an original Roman Empire to fall and need reviving if we're sticking to the the sixth century BC date of writing. It's that damned Ten Horned Beast isn't it?

4.Look at all the Prophecies Jesus fulfilled, the Bible is clearly True!
. Maybe Jesus did fulfill those prophecies, I have no damn idea, but were is your evidence that he did? The Gospels? Do you have any other contemporary accounts?

5.Christians must support Israel, she is God's chosen nation! Why? Would God want Christians to support a nation that recognizes gay marriage, is mostly secular, and, oh right, crucified the Messiah?. If I know Yahweh, modern Israel would be at the forefront of His smiting list.

6.The Bible predicts a Third Temple will be built on the Temple Mount!. No, again No, flip through the entire Bible and you will find not a single prophecy that says anything about a Third Temple being rebuilt. What you will find is several prophecies that require a Temple, therefore another must be built.

7.Every Nation that attacks or doesn't help the Jews is falls, woooooooh! (This one is a little less common). Every single nation in the History of ever falls Every.Single.One..

8.The Apostles wouldn't have died for a lie! You have no idea how they died. There are no historical records (save the Bible) that record the deaths of Jesus' apostles, therefore, this argument is groundless.

9.An Eeeeeeeeeevil One World Government headed by the Antichrist is coming that will Martyr Christians and force people to worship the Antichrist and take the Mark of the Beast. We are Decades away from a OWG, at least. It's not just gonna spring up in ten or twenty years like you probably think. "But wait", you say, "What about the UN?". No. The UN does not or ever will rule the world, what the UN does-in the immortal words of Principal Seymour Skinner-is squabble and waste time.

10.Ezekiel Predicted the return of the Jews to Israel to the Year!. Here is the gist of this Argument; Ezekiel says Israel will be doomed for 390 years, and Judah for 40, Christians add this up and get 430.

The Jews "served" 70 of these years in Babylo- No they didn't, the Babylonian captivity didn't last 70 years, okay moving on-n, leaving us with 360. But were are these 360 years of punishment in history?, well according to certain Christians, since most of the Exiles chose to stay in Pagan Babylon rather than go home when allowed, God multiplied their punishment by 7 (Lev.26:18), when we multiply 360 by 7, and count from 536 BC, when the captivity ended, we come to 1948, when Israel became a Nation!

Except, show me one Bible verse where it says God is punishing the Exiles all over again, oh wait, you can't you just made it up. Also, this is ignoring that fact that israel got to be an independent nation up until Alex the Great, and again up until the Romans.

I Will have My revenge on, in this life or the next Evil_monster

~WrappedInShadows (AKA Me)
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10-08-2013, 05:00 AM (This post was last modified: 10-08-2013 07:17 AM by DLJ.)
RE: My Bottom 10. Premillenialist Dispensationalist Christian Arguments.
Too funny!

I hadn't known about some of this stuff before.

I liked the maths bit but I thought, from Genesis, One Day = One Eon (or something) so 390 years must = ...


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10-08-2013, 07:08 AM
RE: My Bottom 10. Premillenialist Dispensationalist Christian Arguments.
I heard most of this crap growing up in the south in the 70s. Even at age 10, I was wondering how they figured that this ancient stuff applied to countries that didn't exist yet. Whole lotta shoe-horning going on! The sad part is that I know lots of people who still believe about the mark of the beast and the antichrist and Armageddon.

Godless in the Magnolia State
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10-08-2013, 10:27 AM
RE: My Bottom 10. Premillenialist Dispensationalist Christian Arguments.
I feel so lucky that I didn't grow up hearing ANY of this crap.

Insanity - doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results
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