My Brother's Dialogue With Some Fundamentalist Christians
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01-11-2016, 08:42 PM
My Brother's Dialogue With Some Fundamentalist Christians
So, a new Christian club has opened up at my brother's high school (The club's official statement is that it's interdenominational and open to all faiths, but really, it's just full of fundamentalist Christians). My brother, an ignostic, decided to check it out out of curiosity. He became...embroiled in some arguments with the resident club members. Here's some of the dialogue that went down.

Fundie #1 to group: My dad told me, like, some board games, like Dungeons and Dragons can threaten my faith.

Bro: In what way?

Fundie #1: My dad said how the game delves into satanic magic.

Bro: Can you please elaborate?

Fundie #1: You know, magic, or witchcraft is threatening to Christianity. Why? Do you play DnD?

Bro: Yeah, sure. All the time. I have an addiction. (Note: My brother has never played DnD.)

Fundie #1: How has it affected you?

Bro: It makes me look at Satan in a whole new light. I mean, haven't you seen that die? Spooky s**t.

Group Leader: Maybe we should focus on another topic.

Eventually people stopped talking about DnD, though some of the members gave my brother wierd stares, He had a hard time holding back his laughter. Later, the topic derailed into radical Islam and terrorism in general. THAT later derailed into outright Islamophobia.

Fundie #2: You know, I think the problem is not terrorism, it's Islam.

Bro: O_O. What? (Note: My brother and I, while not Muslim, come from a Muslim family.)

Fundie #3: (Ignoring bro) Yeah, you see, it's the fact that they're Islamic that makes them commit terrorist-like acts?

Bro: Terrorist-like?

Fundie #1: Sorry, not terrorist-like. They ARE terrorists.

Bro: What gives you that idea?

Fundie #2: Well, you see, haven't you noticed? Only Islamic people commit acts of terrorism.

Bro: That's an exaggeration and Islamophobic.

Fundie #1: Clearly you haven't seen the Qur'an (note: They pronounced 'Qur'an' as 'Kiran')

Bro: What's wrong with it?

Fundie #1: Well, a lot of things. It supports slavery and mistreatment of women. AND death to all other religions.

Bro: Doesn't the Bible also also support slavery and mistreatment of women?

Fundie #2: (Yelling) Where in the Bible does it say this?!

Bro: I'm just asking, considering it's an ancient book. I'm assuming it would have ancient ideologies or beliefs that we may not agree with today.

Fundie #3: What religion are you?

Bro: That's a loaded question.

Fundie #3: Let me guess, you're Muslim?

Bro: Well, not really...

Fundie #2: Aren't you aware of what's in the Qur'an?

Bro: Well, my dad has been trying to get me to read it. It don't know anything at the moment -
(Gets cut off)

Fundie #4: EXACTLY!!!!

Bro: What was that?

Fundie #3: Clearly you don't know what's in the Qur'an.

Bro: Have YOU read the Qur'an? Hell, have you read the Bible?

Fundie #2: Of course. In fact, I have a copy of it right now. And I can assure youm there are no parts with slavery or mistreatment. It's a good book that teaches you how to treat one another.

Bro: (Reads front of Bible. notices it was published in 2015. Notices the word 'Revised' on the cover.) I don't know how to tell you this, but the reason that it doesn't include any of the original verses is because it's an updated version.

Fundie #1: (Yells) So now you think you know what's in the Bible?!

Bro: Well, I've looked up some of the original verse, and I can tell you they range from vulgar to just plain awful.

Fundie #2: The only reason you're trying to disprove us is because you're trying to support your blasphemous religion (Note: My brother is ignostic)

Bro: I apologize if I've annoyed you. I think you should relax for a second.

Fundie #4: Maybe you should stop worshipping the wrong god!

Bro: It's the same guy. Just from a different book. (Note: He tells me he was pretending to be Muslim to spite them)

Group Leader: Everyone relax for a second!

Bro: Did you just sit there and watch?

Group Leader: (Ignoring Bro) Maybe he has different beliefs than us, which is okay. I just glad we're all taking time to express our opinions.

Fundie #4: Even if they're wrong.

Bro: (Looking at #4) Yeah. Tell me about it. Well, I'm gonna go. I've taken a good look at the group. Well, see ya.

Fundie #1: I'm guessing you're gonna go back to your board game?

Bro: I'll be sure to pray to Satan on the way out. (quickly dashes out of classroom and laughs all the way down the hall)

Bro meets up with his best friend.

Bestie: What are you laughing about?

Bro: I just witnessed something I never thought I'd witness. (Note: we live in a very diverse, tolerant town in the Tri State area.)

Just a story I thought I'd share here after my brother told me about it. My brother had a very...colorful introduction to the world of fundamentalist Christianity.
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03-11-2016, 11:05 AM (This post was last modified: 03-11-2016 11:10 AM by Keen.)
RE: My Brother's Dialogue With Some Fundamentalist Christians
I have played both DnD, WoW, and other games and I lost my faith. Maybe he has a point........


And the bible totally has plenty of woman bashing. I got married in the Catholic church so my mom would be happy (I was indifferent and didnt care either way) and when we had to pick out the wedding bible verses, my husband and I couldnt find one they offered that wasnt extremely sexist.
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03-11-2016, 11:18 AM
RE: My Brother's Dialogue With Some Fundamentalist Christians
Bro: What's wrong with it?

Fundie #1: Well, a lot of things. It supports slavery and mistreatment of women. AND death to all other religions.

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That which can be destroyed by the truth should be.”
-P.C. Hodgell - Seeker’s Mask - Kirien
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