My Crazy Creationist Family... !!! Why I just need to speak to sane people!
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01-01-2013, 06:35 PM
My Crazy Creationist Family... !!! Why I just need to speak to sane people!
This is more of me just needing to get my frustration out!!!! For background on a long story...I come from an Assembly of God family. I was their pride and joy Esther award (missionette; I even have my missionette completed workbook, Esther award, white Honor Star dress, and many bad 90s photos of me in a silly white dress and a white top and blue skirt my grandma would wear), Bible Quiz Team State and Regional Champion (since the third grade), missionary student college educated apologist, christian whatever needed to be done to be a believer, and etc...! To keep a longer story short... I stop believing and that was about 15 years ago. I did go on to get a BA in History and Humanities with an emphasis on Art History along with a MA in Secondary Education from a secular college. frustration! My family claims science has no proof because GOD never fails (my family are Evangelicals but they make up college professors at a state university, nurses (several), pe teachers, accountants, firefighters, and many other college educated professions that require an education in college science). After showing them many, many, many obvious facts like Kitzmiller vs Dover that they requested for me to prove my claim (still evolution just apparently is only an opinion to them and creationism is fact?!?) Is it me or has my family LOST their minds? I am even more frustrated from the last text from a beloved (and delusional) relative... Glad I follow Jesus not man..if you kept your eyes on Jesus you would not have to spend so much of your time trying to disprove the truth that never fails...I love You...

I would leave them in their delusion but they vote, evangelize to everyone, pray (and tell me they keep me in their prayers first topic of every conversation), and post their (church) Creationist views all over the internet. And Christmas conversation question wasn't miss you and how are you, but you know who has a birthday today? (I guessed Mithras or Horus. I laughed...apparently it was not funny). I am frustrated because I know they are going to be them and tell me about God first topic of conversation. I am going to be me and speak out against their no evidence proof (besides God speaks to our hearts and faith) God and Creationism views. Thanks for listening... Does anyone have better advice to handle family that drive you nuts on the Creation and God topic?
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My Crazy Creationist Family... !!! Why I just need to speak to sane people! - seattlegirl123 - 01-01-2013 06:35 PM
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