My Daughter's Scholarship
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29-07-2014, 05:00 PM
My Daughter's Scholarship
An update on my younger daughter:

She has just returned from England. Her nursing school sent her to attend a course in healthcare globalization. She was selected as part of only a small handful of students sent to attend. She had a blast and got the opportunity to visit with her cousin who lives in Cornwall (yeah, he had a heck of a ride to Oxford on the train).

The course was given at Oxford. She says she likes that location far more than London.

Meanwhile, the elder daughter is finishing her final week in Belize at a Maya dig site. She also got to do fun things like snorkeling at an island off the coast. She's at a site near San Ignacio, but it's not a site that would be known to tourists such as Cahal Pech. The site she is at is still being excavated by students like herself and it sounds like they have yet to discover its name. She also got to see Tikal while there. I am so jealous and proud at the same time.

Again, we thank you all for your support!

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