My Destiny, My Forum
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03-01-2013, 12:46 PM
RE: My Destiny, My Forum
The success of an intelligent forum revolves around the quality of the content. I come to these forums because there are some very intelligent people sharing lots of information and they're able to back it up with good debate. Egor's current attempts to explain god are neither educational or intelligent. The entertainment value of the arguments he incites, however, is priceless. I'll be bummed if he stops flinging poo in our posts.

Of course, if he doesn't change out his header image, his site might be mistaken for a kindergarten art forum. Smartass

Side note - The book reviews deserve some action. They're worth a watch/read.

If Jesus died for our sins, why is there still sin? If man was created from dust, why is there still dust? If Americans came from Europe, why are there still Europeans?
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