My Father-in-law is testing me(I think)
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25-01-2015, 05:46 AM
RE: My Father-in-law is testing me(I think)
(24-01-2015 08:12 PM)MrKrispy601 Wrote:  
(24-01-2015 07:24 PM)beerbudget Wrote:  I don't envy your situation. I'm a Thinker in the Jungian sense so I say it like it is, harmony in relationship be damn. If my FIL were to do that to me, I would welcome a debate with him and ridicule religion with extreme prejudice.
I'm trying to avoid being too much of a butthole because I know most religious people can't take ridicule and criticism of their most cherished belief Undecided. I can take being the outcast and such but I try not to change people like him because him without some sort of sky daddy looking over him to make sure he's not bad might not be the best thing for society.

You can always show respect for the person, even if you can't respect their beliefs (more properly, indoctrination). It may well be that all he wants is the best for you all and this is his (misguided) way of showing it (you surely know better than I).

So, no need to be confrontational, it seems.

Unless he starts being a dick.

"I don't mind being's a time I get to learn something new..."
N.B: I routinely make edits to posts to correct grammar or spelling, or to restate a point more clearly. I only notify edits if they materially change meaning.
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