My Hyperthyroid cat
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13-09-2015, 04:06 PM
My Hyperthyroid cat
Anyone have a hyperthyroid cat they're taking care of? A year and a half ago my super alpha male cat (he beat up on a few pit bulls over the years) was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and I gave him this special prescription food for this condition. He ate it and it kept the thyroid on track but the poor guy wasn't totally thrilled with the food.Sadcryface The smell of soups and savory foods being cooked drove him crazy.
Soooooo, I switched him to a derma gel medication applied to the inner tip of the ear a few days ago and he's back eating some good tasting food. Clap

Anyone have any experience with this gel and with hyperthyroid cats? Poor Figaro, I made him eat that crappy food for over a year.

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13-09-2015, 04:43 PM
RE: My Hyperthyroid cat
If the gel doesn't work you will notice weight loss and increased hunger.

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