My Mom Has Been Reading My Siblings' and My Message
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17-09-2013, 02:49 PM
RE: My Mom Has Been Reading My Siblings' and My Message
(**DISCLAIMER** I have a CAPS STUTTER...I hate using italics, and prefer to be lazy with the caps button. Imagine italics when I use'll get used to it. One cannot SCREAM with a keyboard anymore than one can CRY with one.)

First, if your mom pays your phone bill, its technically HER phone if you are a minor (which apparently you still are, if only for another few moments).

That is the sucky part. get around the fact that she will rightly read your /"her" phone from time to time, simply use it to "talk" to her!

Instead of texting in anger about fictitious, destructive moral choices (which feels awesome but gives you NO moral high ground to stand on as an atheist; a cudgel she will certainly beat you with eventually, and isn't even true---so why give ground, right?) use her snooping to TALK TO HER.

First TEXT your girlfriend about the fact that you think your mother "overheard you **TALKING** on the phone" (not actually SNOOPING on your texts) about being an atheist.

Next step---TEXT this girlfriend about how it upsets you that your mother doesn't feel like she has been a good enough mother to trust you to make your own choices in the world. Say NOTHING of KNOWING that she read your texts. This is immaterial and pretending that you don't know will actually work to your favor. PRAISE MOTHER and QUESTION WHY SHE WOULDN'T TRUST THE SMART CHILD SHE RAISED TO MAKE GOOD CHOICES.

Gush about how you read the bible and no loving god would damn you to hell for using the brain HE GAVE YOU. RIIIIGHT????

Spout as much POSITIVE atheist theory as you can WITHIN THE CONFINES OF TEXTS SHE WILL READ. Say nothing about how retarded bible thumpers are.... KEEP IT POSITIVE ---again--- hold that moral high ground that Christards insist we don't have a right to!!!

Prepare your friend in person for this little script....and proceed to use every single word you text is a direct line to your mothers eyes. Perhaps she'll come around....perhaps she will strangle you in your sleep Smile . But give her some LOGICAL food for her own thought....meat for the snooping... and at the very last, MAKE HER TELL YOU that she is snooping on texts because how else could she know? She'll squirm with this great secret and may feel so uncomfortable confronting you, it may never happen.

But always know that she reads "her" phone until you get a phone that YOU pay for....and may I suggest you get a small job if only to pay for a PRIVATE phone of your own..she doesn't even have to know about it..."her" phone can be a dummy that she uses to call YOU, all your friends now use the other number that you pay for.

ALSO understand that if higher education, tuition and support are in your future, you will have to lean on your agnostic dad, or your own resources. This can be terrifying, but this can be exhilarating as well.

Best luck sweetie. Don't be bitter---BE BETTER!
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