My Old Abusive Stepfather
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05-09-2013, 06:51 PM
RE: My Old Abusive Stepfather
(02-09-2013 02:11 PM)Kari93 Wrote:  I in no way claim to be an expert, but I think it's perfectly normal to feel angry at someone who is just a toxic person. They drag humanity down and don't care a bit. Maybe a couple of good ways to feel less angry and start moving on is less contact with him if that's possible, and talking with a professional or even just a close friend (posting here was a great start, there are some fantastic people on this forum) about your thoughts and emotions. I really feel for you and hope you find the peace you're looking for. <3

Lol, Toxic is one way to describe him. He was gay, but became a devout catholic and is teaching his son to be one as well. Then after he married my mom and had said brother, he abused us and taught my brother that he was superior, Then after he divorced my mom, he moved back to his hometown, got elected to city council, sexually harassed three women, and then sold my brothers dog and told him it ran away. Toxic doesn't even describe it, in fact a new word should be invented just to describe him.

Anyway though, thank you for the advice and yes there are awesome people in this forum, thats why I posted here in the first place :3.

I don't have Attention Deficit Disorder. Your disorderly world has a deficit of things worth paying attention to. -Tj
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