My Star Control Fanfic
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28-08-2014, 12:15 PM (This post was last modified: 29-08-2014 04:09 PM by kingschosen.)
My Star Control Fanfic
I've always loved SC. It's been on of my favorite series of games forever. So, like any good nerd, I decided to try my hand at writing a fanfic. I tried to make it stand-alone... that way, if someone read it with no clue about the SC universe, they wouldn't be completely lost.

Please tell me what you think. It's about 8K-10K words right now... so fairly small.

A single light shone in the darkness of the workshop. The dust floated in and out of the ambience as a man carefully and meticulously worked. On the wooden table there was a collection of small screws, assorted tiny gears, petite screwdrivers, and fragile pieces. The man stared at his work through a magnifying eyepiece and wiped the sweat from his forehead revealing his skin under a thick layer of dirt.

The silence of the room was occasionally broken by the winding and tinkering of the small gears as well as low mumbles as he talked himself through the steps. This was a long forgotten art form from an ancient and outdated time. His concentration was so deep; he did not immediately realize one of the sharp edges cut his finger. He could not be distracted now, so he wiped the blood on his shirt and continued.

He was almost done. One more tiny screw. Finished.

He slowly wound the pocket watch, and the “click click click” screamed through the stillness of the workshop. He cupped the watch in his hand and listened.


Time to go.
Captain McManus stared at his ship, The Sojourner, through the observation deck of the mobile starbase. He couldn’t collect his emotions – or what he was feeling. His stomach knotted as he thought about what was before him. He knew that he was going to be part of history, and that he and his crew would be written about in the history books. He didn’t care… or he was too confused to care. Since he returned from the League Civil War, he had felt strange; almost disconnected from reality. He justified his jaded attitude by telling himself that war affects you… do it long enough, and you become numb.

“Hey, Mack.”

The captain’s thoughts were interrupted by a comforting voice. He turned to see his friend, Joshua Jacobi, walking towards him.

“Hey, Josh.”

Joshua’s exosuit moaned and depressurized as it moved. He walked closer to the captain and asked, “Everything all right? You seem a bit out of it.”

Ian smirked and said, “Yeah, man. Just thinking a little.”

“About tomorrow?”

Ian nodded. He turned away from Joshua and placed both hands on the guard rail. He sighed and hung his head, “Josh… what… I mean… well, what do you think?”

“What do I think about tomorrow?”


“Mack, I’m as scared as you are. We all are.”

“Josh, that’s not what I’m talking about.”

Ian turned back around to look at the Slylandro, “Are we right?”

Slightly confused Joshua said, “Right? I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Ian scrunched his nose and continued, “About what we’re doing. About what we’ve done. I know we wouldn’t be where we are right now if it wasn’t for the League. I’m grateful, I am. I just question their actions sometimes, you know?”

“Si vis pacem, para bellum. You know this, Mack.”

“And I do want peace, Josh, I do.”

Before Ian could continue Joshua interrupted, “Mack, look. You and me both know that what happened during the civil war was… was just horrible. The stuff that we saw. The stuff that we did. We’re not going to forget it. But that’s just us. People aren’t going to remember that. They’re going to remember the ‘heroes that thwarted a rebellion’. We have to live with ourselves and what we did, but everyone else has to live with our results. The body is more important than a finger… in Human terms.”

Ian nodded.

“And Mack, what we do tomorrow will be remembered forever. Only me and you are going to remember that our fearless captain had a sudden attack of conscience the night before.”

Joshua placed his mechanical hand on Ian’s shoulders, and Joshua formed a glowing smiling face. Ian smiled and laughed, “I can never keep a straight face when you do that.”

“I know, buddy.”

“Thanks, Josh.”

Ian paused for a moment and spoke to break the slight awkwardness, “They’ve given her some pretty good upgrades,” he shifted focus to The Sojourner.

“Yeah, I was looking at the report you sent us. Kronc was giddy about the turret changes. I’ve never seen a Thraddash get that excited.”

Ian smiled at Joshua, “Yeah, I figured he would like it.”

They both leaned against the guard rail and stared at the ship.

This time Joshua broke the silence, “It’s really going to happen. Man. It’s hard to believe we’re doing this.”

“Yep. It is.” Ian straightened and placed his hand on Josh, “I should probably get some sleep.”

“You do that, Mack. I’ll see you in the morning.”



As Ian walked to his cabin, Joshua turned back towards the ship and continued to stare.

It was a rough night for Ian. He didn’t sleep well. The anxiety kept him from fully falling asleep. He fell in and out of consciousness all night, but the night seemed to drag on and on. It was finally morning, but despite his lack of sleep, he was not groggy. He was ready for the day to begin. He knew he should be tired but his excitement overshadowed his body’s yearnings… including hunger.

As routine ordained, Ian walked to the mess hall to eat breakfast with the rest of his crew. Even though he wasn’t hungry, he was going to force himself to eat; plus, it allowed him time to gauge how the rest of the crew was feeling.

The rest of the crew had already eaten and were sitting at the table. Ian could hear parts of what they were saying, but then it was overshadowed by raucous laughter. As he approached, Benjiro and Dhreep-eep were bent over in laughter while a not-too-pleased Kronc pointed and yelled.

“Mack, Mack… tell these fodder slugs to shut their holes,” yelled Kronc.

Ian sat down with his tray and chuckled at his friends. He shook his head a little and asked, “Kronc, are they picking on you again?”

Kronc snorted and lightly punched Dhreep in the side.

Still snickering, Dhreep turned to Ian and said, “Mack… Mack, ya gota ausk da big dum-me what ‘ee buh-leeves about where we’re-da going.”

“Shut yur stupid beak!”

Smiling Ian put his hand in the air and said, “Hold on you two. Hold on. Kronc…”

Kronc stared at Ian and grunted. Ian looked at Dhreep-eep, “Ok Dhreep. What now?”

“He thinks thaut we came frum space cows.”

“That’s not what I said you dumb yellow idiot!”

There was more laughter. Ian was still trying to sort out what was going on, but with all the laughter he couldn’t help but to start laughing too. He kept trying to compose himself, but it became increasingly harder every time he looked at his friends. Finally, he said, “Ok, ok. Kronc. Tell me. What were you saying? About the cows?”

“It’s not about tha stupid bloody cows,” Kronc said more agitated.

Ian raised his glass of milk. Unfortunately, the pun was lost on Kronc. Benjiro started wheezing in laughter. Not amused, Kronc ignored Benjiro and Dhreep-eep, focused on Ian, and said, “All I was saying was that I was-a wondering if this new place we’re going… maybe… um, SHUT UP, maybe um we would meet those Precursor fellas. Cuz yous never know, they could’ve gone to where we’re going.”

Ian cocked his head to the side and said, “Not likely, Kronc. Precursors vanished millennia ago. Nothing suggests that they would be that accessible… besides the Arilou would’ve told us if they knew that Precursors were still around and…”

Dhreep-eep interrupted Ian by looking at Kronc and saying, “Moo.”

Kronc punched Dhreep-eep again; this time hard.

Ian placed his hand over his mouth to hide his smile and asked Kronc, “Cows?”

Kronc stared at Dhreep-eep and answered Ian, “Yuh. I heard the Precursors were a type of cow.”

Ian, now trying everything in his power to not laugh, entertained Kronc and said, “Really. From who?”

“It’s a legend,” Kronc whispered while looking down at Dhreep-eep.

Swallowing his laugher, Ian said, “Kronc. Of all the accolades that the Precursors achieved, do you really think they were cows?”

“I didn’t say I did! I just said it was a legend. That beaked jackhole started saying I thought we came from space cows!” Kronc snorted again.

Dhreep-eep looked at Kronc again and let out another “moo”. This time Kronc couldn’t help but to laugh.
He sat, unafraid, in the colorless, dimly lit square room. It was polished steel: all four walls as well as the ceiling and the floor. His olive trenchcoat and brimmed hat were the only splashes of color. Even his chair was this colorless metal. He bent over slightly and stared at the door. He pulled the brim of his hat to shadow his eyes; if that door opened, he didn’t want the light to blind him.

They had contacted him because of his past, and, quite frankly, his present. He wasn’t sure exactly what they wanted, but he wasn’t going to take any chances. He reached towards his back and under his coat and unsnapped the sheath to his blade as well as unlatching his holster for his pistol. He was alive because he didn’t take anything for granted. Unlike other humans, he didn’t have a fear of other sentience. He knew that he was enough to fear regardless what species you happen to be.

He continued to wait. As he waited, he opened his pocket watch. As he glared at it, he grew more and more impatient.

“I hate waiting.” He said out loud.

He sighed and continued his gaze on his watch. He pulled the winder out, and wound the watch forward.

“There. Now, we have the right time.” He said again out loud.

The unlocking of the door echoed in the steel chamber, and he slowly stood and watched the door open. He slid his hand over his pistol – ready and waiting. The alien’s silhouette came into focus as it entered into the room. It was a large, long creature with many, many eyes. It seemed to be half metal and half organic with a crystalline shell.

It looked at him and said, “Don’t be alarmed. You won’t need that gun.”

Impressed that it knew that he had a gun, he moved his hands back to his sides and spoke from under his hat, “What do you want?”

“We called you here because of who you are and what you can do.”

“I figured that out.”

“What do we call you, human?”

“Keeper. Just call me Keeper.”

“Very well. Keeper, please follow me. The ambassador would like to speak with you.”

Keeper nodded his head and began to follow the alien. He snapped his watch shut and placed it back into his pocket.

Keeper kept pace behind the alien along several tall corridors and winding paths. Eventually, they came to a giant doorway.

“I’m assuming this is where I’m meeting the ambassador?” asked Keeper.


The alien opened the two giant doors, and motioned for Keeper to enter. The room was dull in color and it was amphitheater of sorts with many “seats” for a council. Keeper looked toward the center of the room, and he saw the ambassador surrounded by several of his body guards. He turned to look at his escort but the doors were being shut behind him. Keeper half grinned and continued to walk toward the ambassador.

“So, the human has finally graced us with his presence!” quipped the ambassador.

Keeper placed his hands in his coat pocket as he continued his amble towards the ambassador and his guards and answered, “Nice to meet you too.”

“Save the pleasantries, human. You’re only here because I’m allowing you to be here.”

Keeper got closer and said, “really?”

“Your kind disgusts me. Humanity has been a plague. Your kind endlessly devours all life and thrives on power. You have something that we need. Unfortunately.

“We?” asked Keeper.

“We are the Keetron. We are the saviors.”

Keeper stared at the Keetron with his hands still in his pockets.

The ambassador continued, “You were picked by a Durreaux and inexplicably graced with technologies that a human should never possess. We require that technology.”

“And what makes you think I’m going to volunteer this technology to a species I’ve never met… or is not important enough for me to remember meeting.”

“HOLD YOUR TONGUE, HUMAN! You have the audacity to mock me and my race in my presence?”

“And in your council room,” added Keeper.

The Keetron snarled at Keeper, and the ambassador’s guards began to form a close circle around Keeper.

“Human, I am no one to be trifled with. I intended to finally cleanse human filth from the galaxy after we have that Durreassian technology…”

Before the ambassador could finish the word, Keeper’s fist, aided by titanium knuckles, connected centrally in the face of the Keetron killing him instantly. The force of the blow was so strong that it shattered the ambassador’s crystalline shell and crumbled his long caterpillar-like body into itself. Purple and green liquids flowed from the shattered head of the ambassador.

The guards could barely react to Keeper. His movements were so quick; so sharp that it was almost as if he was appearing and reappearing.

Keeper nearly ripped a guard’s head completely off from his body with his second titanium knuckled punch. Keeper had easily escaped the guard’s flanking attempt, and he removed his blade from its sheath. Precision slices, that were too quick even for a Keetron eye, severed and cut straight through alien metal and alloy, flesh, and diamond hard shells.

In less than five seconds, the Keetron ambassador and his six guards were dead at Keeper’s feet.

Keeper heard a low resonance coming from the walls of the chamber. He could tell more Keetron were surrounding the room. He gripped his blade with both hands and slid them along the hilt, extending it. He then gripped it in the middle and split it apart and attached the ends together; making a staff. He readied himself for the ensuing fight.

The chamber doors erupted. Keeper, at the bottom of the amphitheater, waited for the throngs to attack. A lone Keetron entered the room. He was massive; much larger than the ambassador and the guards. His shell and body were intricately decorated and etched with mysterious symbols. The machina in his body hissed and moaned as he grew closer to Keeper.

He stopped and stared at Keeper. Behind the Keetron the doors to the council room closed. The Keetron said, “Greetings.”

Keeper didn’t move.

The Keetron continued, “The infamous ‘Keeper of Time’. I am greatly honored to finally meet you.”

Keeper looked at the remains of the ambassador and pointed to him and said, “More ‘honored’ than him, I hope. Your ambassador was terrible at ‘ambassating’.”

“I apologize for Puju’s behavior. He had a horrible personality defect that was unbecoming of all Keetron.”

Keeper raised the brim of his hat and said, “Oh? What was that?”


Keeper smiled and began to laugh.

The Keetron said, “No worries, though. I had planned on having him assassinated. You saved me the trouble.”

“Glad I could help.”

The Keetron moved closer to Keeper and said, “My name is General Qax. I am the overseer of all military operations of the Keetron race. I have summoned you, specifically you, dear Human. I know that you come from a time when Humans were, simply put, ‘good’. I do not fault you for being born a Human, and I consider it a blessing that you still exist; uncorrupted.”

Keeper, no longer sensing danger, dismantled his staff and sheathed his blade. He walked up to the Keetron and said, “General, I am corrupted.”

“Gifted and blessed are the words I would have chosen. Keeper, I know your past. I know how you were created. You’re still a Human. Don’t ever forget that.”

“General… time changes everything. Which… I’m assuming is why I’m here?”

Qax broke his gaze from Keeper, “Yes. And, I see that it’s not a myth. I see the Durreaux’s experiments were a success.”

Keeper nodded, “Yeah.”

Qax again looked at Keeper, “Is it true? Are you immortal?”

Another smile crept across Keeper’s face, “Sometimes it feels like it. I’m 3672… in Earth years. They tried to make me immortal... indestructible. But, even the Durreaux aren’t that good. Even I can’t stop time altogether… I just have a better relationship with it than anyone else.”

Qax leaned backwards and asked, “Could you explain… please. I need to know. You, your powers, may be the only hope for free life.”

“General, it’s all very complicated…”

“Please, Keeper. I must know. I need to know if this will be our answer. Or, if I need to keep searching.”

Keeper sighed, “It’s the answer. But, I have to ask, why me? Why not go to the Durreaux? They created you. Why not seek help from them?”

Qax’s eyes widened, “How… did you know? But, I thought you have never heard of us.”

“General, of course I know. I helped with The Collection… in fact, I headed the operation. Secos only trusted me to handle such a huge and important ordeal.”


Keeper again sighed, “The Durreaux that adopted me. Created me. Did all this insane crap to me.”

Qax asked, “And, how is this Secos?”

“Alive, unfortunately. I was supposed to be his ultimate weapon. His bodyguard. He created me to annihilate any threat to him. He gave me unmatched biological powers, sophisticated and unprecedented weapons, and, the kicker, the ability to control time.”

Keeper paused for a moment and tilted his head downward and continued, “I served him faithfully for years. I finally realized what I was doing. You know, it’s funny, really. The Durreaux, with all of their mounds and mounds of super biological knowledge, couldn’t remove an essential trait. Humanity.”

Puzzled, Qax asked, “What do you mean by that?”

Keeper turned around and said, “I mean… your ambassador was right. Humanity thrives for power. Humanity will not be conquered if there is breath in its lungs. It took me awhile to realize this. Humanity is not meant to be slaves.”

“So you escaped Secos?”

Keeper turned back around, “I wouldn’t say escaped… more along the lines of ‘forced-my-way-out-while-destroying-every-Durreaux-that-got-in-my-way’.”

Qax nodded, “I see. Is Secos still looking for you?”

“Who knows, General. The Durreaux are strange. Their plans have never made much sense to me… especially Secos’.”

There was a moment of silence. Keeper could tell that Qax was searching for words. He said, “Don’t worry, General. They won’t find me here. Even if they do, they wouldn’t be dumb enough to attack. I know that for sure.”

“Thank you for that reassurance, Keeper. I do have another question."

Keeper said, "Ask away."

"Why are you so liberal with your information with me? Yet, you killed the ambassador when he asked?"

Keeper grinned and said, "I've already killed you four times and blown up this starbase. I decided to see where peaceful negotiations brought me."

For the first time, Qax laughed and said, "Come. Let’s leave this place. Let’s continue our conversation while I give you a tour of our Starb...”

Qax caught the slight smile on Keeper's face from the corner of his eyes and said, "You've already been on the tour, haven't you?"

Keeper chuckled again, "It's ok General. I want to see it again."

After breakfast, The Sojourner’s crew finished packing the ship with supplies and made final calibrations for the upcoming jump. As the team readied themselves, there was a haze of solemn anxiety. The usual banter and friendly mocking between Dhreep-eep and Kronc was noticeably omitted during preparations. Joshua did his best to calm the nerves of his fellow crewmates while Ian met with the League council.

The crew was ready for launch and were stationed and waiting for Ian to return to the ship. As minutes grew into hours, the crew became more anxious and impatient.

“Josh, whadduya think those slapheads are flapping to Mack about?” asked Kronc.

Joshua hesitated and said, “I’m not sure. It concerns me, though. It shouldn’t be taking this long. We’re already behind schedule.”

“Hey Tazz,” Dhreep-eep said to the Chmmr, “Do ya think tha we’culd hack into thuh meetun room’s sound mainframe’n see what they’re’uh talkin about?”

“Absolutely not!” yelled Joshua.

“I’LL SEE WHAT I CAN DO.” said Tazz, completely ignoring Joshua’s interjection.

“Tazz! Did you not hear what I said? We can’t do that.” Joshua pleaded.


“Oh shut up and hack the bloody system.” said Kronc.


“This isn’t right.” said Joshua, but his words fell upon deaf ears as the voices from the council room where beginning to be heard on The Soujourner.

“…I will not do that. I’m pulling myself and my crew from this mission.” It was Ian.

Another human spoke, “If you do this, you will be guilty of treason. You know the League’s consequences for treason.”

“Then kill me!” yelled Ian. “I will not further endanger the lives of my crew for the League’s own bloodthirsty ambition.”

“Bloodthirsty?” an obviously angry voice screamed, “You dare call this League ‘bloodthirsty’?”

“Yes,” answered Ian, “Because you bureaucrats have lost sight of what the League originally stood for… Freedom… not suppression… not expansion.”

“Captain, you are quickly treading into territory that I’m advising you to stay away from.” said the angry voice.

Ian continued, “You can find another puppet. I’m not doing it.”

Another two voices were heard but were garbled in the static and the arguing.

“Sounds like they’re pretty pissed.” whispered Kronc.

“Shhh, I try to make out what they say.” said Benjiro.

Finally, the arguing ceased, and the original angry voice said, “Captain, considering the stress and danger of this mission, we will strike your original comments to us from record; however, you are on probation. Also, you will continue the mission as originally planned, but, as an addition, the Strike Team will follow the Construction Team. At this time, you and your crew’s mission will be complete and you will return home. Is this understood?”

There was silence.

“Captain McManus, IS-THIS-UNDERSTOOD?” The voice was obviously perturbed.

“I’ll let you know when my mission is over.” said Ian, and before the voice could respond, he killed the transmission.

Baffled by what they just heard, the crew looked around at each other waiting for someone to say something. Dhreep-eep broke the silence, “Jaush, I’m thinkin yu need’a’be tha one tha says sumthin.”

“What? No.” said Joshua, “I didn’t want to hack it to begin with. Remember?”


Benjiro interrupted, “And you and Mack are closest.”

Josh argued with the others until they finally convinced him to talk to Ian about what was said. When Ian returned to The Sojourner, Joshua explained to him what had happened, and to the chagrin of Ian, he began to explain what the League wanted.

“Guys… listen. The League doesn’t care about our lives. We’re numbers to them. The only reason why I was able to make demands is because I know they have no choice… no other team willing and able to do what they want besides us.”

Kronc said, “Yeah we bloody know that Mack. We heard. What did they friggin’ want that got you so pissed? And what is this about a bloody strike team?”

“I’m getting there Kronc. Be patient. Look. I need to know, right now, right here and now, if you are with ME… not the League… but with me. Would all of you trust my decisions no matter what?”

The crew looked around and began nodding at each other. Joshua said, “Mack, I believe I can speak for the rest of the team; we are loyal to you. No one else. We trust you implicitly.”

“Impissedly?” whispered Kronc. Dhreep-eep elbowed him in the ribs.

Unaware of Kronc, Joshua continued, “We’ve all been through a lot together. You’re our leader, Mack. So… lead us.”

“Good,” said Ian, “So, here’s the deal. The League got wind of a civil war of some sorts from Arilou ambassadors. It seems two factions in the Kessari Quadrant are mercilessly destroying each other.”

“So, tha’is life there.” said Dhreep-eep.

Ian nodded, “Yep. The League wanted us to make the jump, clear the path for the Construction Team, and get that Translocator up as quickly as possible while doing recon. After the Translocator was built, they wanted us to lead a Strike Team to aid the stronger faction so that their enemies could be subdued more quickly. After one faction was defeated, we were supposed to lead a huge team against the ones we aided. Once we defeated and subdued both factions we were supposed to “suppress” all sentience and expand the League across the Kessari stars. The races that behave will be rewarded and lifted from their suppression… like Kronc and his people… to join and fight for the League.”

Kronc cursed and punched the wall of the ship. He began to flail wildly and it took Benjiro, Joshua, and Dhreep-epp to hold him until he calmed down. Kronc stared up at Ian through fiery eyes and said, “I’m hoping you have a different plan.”

Ian motioned for the others to release Kronc and reached out toward his friend, “Old buddy, I assure you of that. I will never be a part of an enslaving regime again.”


Ian smiled, “Not quite sure. I haven't thought that far ahead yet.”

Dhreep-eep said, “Ha! Knowin you it'sa’not gunna make the League t’happy, izzit?”

Kronc smiled, “Sounds like suicide. Sounds fun.”

Ian, now filled with confidence and determination said, “Tazz, prepare engines for the jump. Kronc ready the turret, I’m sure we’re going to get some turbulence after we warp. Dhreep, set our course for the Kessari Quadrant,” Ian took a deep breath and said, “Let’s do this.”


The Sojourner detached from the docking bay and drifted toward the Translocator. Ian carefully maneuvered the ship into position for the jump.

“Update.” Ian said.


“Thanks Tazz. Dhreep, are the coordinates in?” asked Ian.

“Aye Cap’n”

Ian paused and said, “Punch it.”

There was a flash of light and the black of space ripped open like a tattered shirt. The blackness swallowed the ship and then sealed itself shut again.


Keeper sat in his cabin and slowly thumbed through a book. His concentration was broken by a loud rumble that caused his cup of tea to rattle.

“Already?” He said out loud.

The door to his cabin flew open. A short, shadowy figure rushed toward him. The figure seemed to barely exist in the plane of reality – it faded in and out like a smoky apparition. Keeper looked at his guest and it said, “Sir, it has begun.”

“Thank you, Gray. Let the Guardians know. Tell them to show no mercy. The rules have to be followed.”

“Yes, sir. Are you going now?”

“I am, Gray. I need to pay a visit to the Keetron. I have to start to turn these gears and set these events in motion.”

Gray saluted Keeper and vanished. Keeper left his cabin and walked toward the street light and leaned upon it and lit a cigarette. He stood silent for a few moments and then took another drag. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his watch. Taking a few deep breaths, he released the latch and looked upon the face. He pulled the winder out and wound the watch.


The Sojourner erupted from a hole in the blackness of space. The hole swirled for a few seconds and then sealed itself shut. The crew sat quietly and were in awe of what they just experienced. Kronc was the first to break the silence.

“Dhreep just crapped himself.”

A metal binder flew across the room and hit Kronc in the back of the head. Kronc turned around and saw Dhreep-eep smiling and Kronc said, “I’ll let you have that one.”

“Guys, not now. Tazz, I need you to scan the area for any signs of activity.”

“ON IT.”

Ian pointed to Kronc, “Be ready. We probably made a huge racket ripping through space like that. I’m assuming we’re going to be greeted soon.”

“Shoot first, ask questions later. Got it.” said Kronc.

“No. Only return fire.” insisted Ian.

Kronc grunted and pulled his viewer over his head.


Dhreep-eep stood and said, “Strange… I’uh’expected tuh be greet’d.”

“We'll sit for a few days. We may be pretty isolated, but I guarantee you that someone will be coming from hyperspace soon,” Ian pointed towards Benjiro and continued, “Ben, man the forward guns. Tazz, try and see if we can get more output on shield generation and continue to scan for any type of energy source.”


Ian looked at Dhreep-eep and said, “Dhreep, you handle functionality.”

“Buh Cap’n, I can’n focus on that’n navigate as well…”

Ian interrupted, “I’m taking over full ship controls.”

“Aye Cap’n.”

Dhreep-eep’s words were the last spoken for the next several hours. Anxiousness gripped the crew, as they waited for Tazz to announce any type of life… or energy… or even movement. There was still nothing but emptiness – quietness in a void.

“So are we just like waiting or what?”

Kronc’s sudden breaking of silence startled everyone and caused them to jump.

“Kronc, ya dum rivot-head, don’t’un goin’n do that ya idiot.” said Dhreep-eep.

“What? I got sick of waiting and listen’n to you breathe through that stupid beak.”

“You two give it a rest for once. Seriously.” a now annoyed Ian said.

“He started it.”

“Whu? Ya’ big retarded oaf, I’un didn’t say any’hing tha we weren’t think’n. You’re too loud.”

“Too loud? I was just tryin’ to make a point.”

“A point? Whu kinda-of-a point’n you makin’ besides your head?”

“Oh, that’s it. You’re dead you winged cupcake.”

“Bringiton, ya dumb brick.”

“Those were you last words. Imma gonna break your beak off.”

“You two SHUT UP! Kronc, sit down. Dhreep, stop talking. I don't want to hear any more from you two.”

The hours turned into days, and the crew began to relax. Suddenly, there was beeping at Tazz's console.


“Tazz, can you identify them?” ask Joshua.


“No.” Ian reiterated, “Only fire if fired upon.”


Ian hesitated, “Let’s see what they do.”


Ian stared at his control panel, “Well, let’s do what we came here to do. Patch them through.”

A fuzzy image became clear on The Sojourner’s com-screen. The frightening alien stared ruthlessly into the eyes of the crew. It began to speak.

“Tazz, can you translate?” asked Ian.


“Offer him a download link for English.” suggested Joshua.


The alien looked at his control panel and punched on it. He looked up with terrifying eyes and continued to stare. It was bipedal, reddish leathery skin, and had intimidating horns and fangs growing from its head.

Ian asked, “Can you understand me?”

“Yes.” it said.

Ian said, “We are from a long ways away. My name is Captain McManus but everyone calls me ‘Mack’. This is Tazz, Dhreep, Kronc, Ben, and Josh. We are the exploration vessel The Sojourner, and we’re here through an experimental device called a Translocator. We’ve come to reach out to new life in the name of an alliance of aliens called the United League. We come in peace.”

Kronc whispered to Dhreep, “I wonder how long he’s waited to say that?”

Dhreep snickered and then elbowed Kronc.

Ian continued talking, “What can you tell us about yourself?”

The alien growled and snarled and spoke again, “I am Vocca of the Bm’Mp. We don’t want you here. You are with them. Prepare to die.”

“No, wait.” yelled Joshua, “We don’t want to fight. We don’t know who you’re talking about. We are simply here in the name of curiosity.”

The alien touched the control panel and the screen went black. Tazz worked frantically to override Vocca’s control panel and force a video feed.


“Wha… from who? Vocca?”


“Put him through.”

The screen flashed and another being came into view. This alien was massive – a hulking behemoth with large, thick limbs, a hardy shell, and skin that resembled dried mud. It snorted and punched on its control panel.


The alien spoke, “Dear friends, can you understand me?”

Shocked, Ian said, “Yes, perfectly.”

The alien smiled and said, “Wonderful. I apologize for Vocca’s actions. He’s become rather paranoid and jumpy lately. Not that I can blame him, but that’s not of importance right now. Let me introduce myself and my companions. I am Captain Aluxzondur of the Regothe, but you can call me ‘Alux’. You met my friend, Captain Vocca of the Bm’Mp. On the sides of me are Captain Raz of the Harika and Captain Lojn of the Clairconctlar. We are members of a coalition dedicated to the defense of our galaxy. I believe you call it ‘Kessari’. I know that we have many questions; as you must as well. We would like to offer you an escort to our nearest starbase where we can discuss many things.”

Ian nodded, “First, thank you for your kindness, Alux. We’ll oblige your request. Please lead the way.”

Alux smiled, thanked Ian, and turned off his video feed. Joshua said, “Mack, we need to send the signal for the Construction Team.”

“Not yet. Tazz, mark this location so we can return later. I want to find out more about this coalition before I give the ok for anyone else to come through that Translocator.”

“Mack, are we actually follow’n these bums to their starbase so they can kill and eat us?” asked Kronc.

Without looking at Kronc Ian said, “Yep.”

Kronc scowled at Ian and said, “Imma assuming this is part of your not-sure-what-to-do-but-do-it-anyway plan?”

Again Ian answered, “Yep.”

Kronc sighed loudly, “Mack, sometimes you scare even me.”

The Sojourner followed the ships, and soon, they were approaching a massive starbase.

“That’s… a moon.” said Benjiro.

“That’s not a moon… it’s a space station!”

After Ian said that, Kronc looked at him and said, “I really hate you for that.”

Laughing, Ian said, “Sorry, I couldn’t pass that opportunity up.”

Joshua slowly shook his head and asked, “Ian, are you sure we should be doing this?”

“I find your lack of faith disturbing.”

Kronc groaned again, “Mack… seriously? I mean, we know nothing about these fellas. Doncha think this is kinda foolish?”

“Who's the more foolish? The fool, or the fool who follows him?”

Kronc stared blankly at Ian, “Really?”

Ian began to laugh, “Ok, ok. No more quotes. But really… this is why we are here. Despite that these aliens might be dangerous; we have to learn about the inhabitants. We need to know who is fighting and for what. I trust all of your abilities… all of you know that we’ve been in tough situations and lived.”

“Yeah, but Mack, this is a little different.”

“No, Josh, it isn’t. This is our mission. Our job. We may not agree with the League, but we’ve been given this opportunity… an opportunity that no one else can ever claim… and we need to do right by it.”

Kronc nodded, “Alright Mack. I’m witya. So, what’s the plan when we get there?”

Ian thought for a few seconds and said, “Be cordial. Leave the talking to me and Josh. Mainly, I’m looking to find out who are allied with these guys and who they are fighting. Oh, and don’t forget to download the language syncs to your personal translator.”

The Sojourner docked with the starbase and the crew exited onto the docking bay floor. They were immediately greeted and lauded by a group of Regothe. Aluxzondur soon emerged from behind the group and smiled and said, “Welcome friends. We are honored to have you aboard The Haven. Come. Follow me to your quarters. I apologize in advance for not offering you food or drink, but I’m not sure what your kind can tolerate.”

Ian smiled, “That’s ok, Alux. We appreciate your hospitality. We have well-stocked stash of supplies on our ship.”

“Wonderful!” said Alux, “Then let’s go to your rooms so all of you can rest. When you’re ready we can ask all our questions.”

Ian again thanked Alux and sent Benjiro, Dhreep-eep, and Kronc back to the ship to collect supplies. The quarters that Alux supplied for the crew were impressive. They weren’t luxury; however, they were clean and cool with places to rest. Alux informed them that he had switched the pumps in their rooms to provide water after Ian had explained to him what it was they needed. Ian, being cautious, had Tazz scan the water to validate its composition. Amazingly, the water was pure – more pure than the water they had back on their old starbase.

Alux returned to check on his guest and asked Ian, “Is the water ok?”

“Yes. It’s actually perfect. We’re all quite impressed.”

“Good, good… I’m glad. Many of the Coalition races need this to survive. It’s rather strange to us Regothe, but we try and nurture the needs of everyone.”

“How many races are in the Coalition?”

“We are quite diverse, but we are stalwart in our commitment to each other’s defense. As for your question, there are ten of us. Unfortunately, three of our brethren races can no longer help us.”

“What?” asked Ian, “What’s wrong? What happened?”

Sorrow washed over Alux’s face as he said, “We’ll answer those questions soon. First, rest. How long do you need?”

Ian removed his watch and gave it to Alux, “Here, when this hand reaches this symbol, we’ll meet you in the briefing room.”

“What do you call this unit of time?”

“We call it an hour.”

“Very well, Captain. I’ll meet you and your crew in an hour.”

Alux smiled at Ian and returned to his quarters. Ian told the others to be ready in an hour, and to let him know of any questions that they wanted to ask.

After an hour had passed, and they had readied their questions, the crew met Alux. Vocca, Raz, and Lojn were with Alux as well, and they found their seats and Alux began, “Welcome everyone. This is the first, and hopefully not the last, meeting of representatives from the Coalition and the United League. This is a very exciting and marvelous time; a time when travelers from far away are able to share their lives with us. I would like to open the floor to our guests so that we might answer their questions first.”

Ian stood and spoke, “Thank you, Alux. I would first like to say that you and your friends have been exceptionally accommodating to us, and you have our gratitude.”

Vocca stared and scowled at Ian and caught his eye. Ian paused for a second and switched away from the Bm’Mp and continued, “I know that you must have many questions, so I’ll try to be brief and concise with ours. Firstly, which races make up the Coalition?”

Alux spoke, “As I mentioned, there are ten races: the Regothe, the Bm’Mp, the Harika, the Clairconctlar, the Dhrk, the Shu-Seng, the Doog, the Exquivan, the Owa, and the Xchagger. We have recently made friendly acquaintance with a race called the Arilou. We solely trade with the Melnorme. We used to have a business relationship with a race called the HabCorporal, but ever since the fighting broke out, they disappeared.”

Ian said, “We trade with the Melnorme as well. As for the Arilou, they are the reason that we were made aware of your presence as well as providing us with the technology to visit. The Arilou also told us that you are at war.”

Alux nodded, “This is true.”

“Who is it that you’re fighting and why?”

“They are an invading race called the Keetron. As for why… we’re not sure. They arrived here some time ago and began attacking. They have devastated our ways of life. Many, many wonderful fathers, mothers, and children have met their end to the Keetron armada. We have fought them diligently, and we have quelled many of their attacks. But, their numbers are growing… and… and… we, we cannot win.”

Alux paused for a moment and stood silently. He looked at Ian and said, “Captain, if you don’t mind, I would like to ask a few questions now.”

Ian nodded, “Certainly.”

“Why you? Why your team?”

Ian turned his head, “Excuse me? I’m not sure what you mean?”

“It’s very simple, Captain. Why did the League send you and your team to befriend us, help us, and betray us?”

The Sojourner’s crew gasped, partly in anger and partly in disbelief that this alien knew their plan. Ian sucked in air and held his breath as if it was his last and look down at his hands. The silence was deafening, and Ian’s exhaling echoed in the ears of every last person in that room. Ian looked up at Alux and said, “It’s true. What you say is true. How you know this, I don’t know. But, since you know what our plan was, I’m assuming you know what MY plan is.”

Alux smiled, “Vocca says your mind is somewhat hard to read, but, yes, Captain. I know. You have a different ‘view’ than that of your League. But, my question stands… why you?”

Somewhat relieved at Alux’s words he said, “My team is the best at what they do. They may be a little rag-tag and difficult at times, but I wouldn’t put my life in the hands of anyone else.”

“And?” asked Alux.

“And,” continued Ian, “we’re the most loved and adored people in the League.”

“I’m not sure I follow.”

“Well, after a civil war, we became the icons for peace, justice, and commitment to ‘freedom’. We became celebrities. Heh, we could do no wrong… we were so beloved that I could tell the people to eat dirt and they would. The League bureaucrats recognized this power, and decided to use it for their own gain. When the Arilou approached the League’s senate in hopes that we could aid your coalition, they saw an opportunity for expansion. The dirty snakes knew that the populace would never support such an expensive and morally ambiguous endeavor, so they devised a way to mask their true intentions.”

“Send the heroes on a grand new adventure.” said Alux.

“Precisely,” said Ian, “If the quest failed, we would be remembered as heroes, and if it worked, we would be known as the ‘heroes of the League that brought peace and togetherness to everyone’.”

Alux looked sternly at Ian, “What is it you plan on doing?”

“Well, I own the loyalty of the League’s armadas.”

Vocca stared at Ian and said, “Interesting plan, but do you…”

Ian interrupted Vocca, “Please, don’t say it. I’m protecting my crew. That foreknowledge of what I’m going to do could have them executed.”

“What? Mack, what are you talking about?” yelled Kronc.

Mack looked at his friends and said, “If my plan fails, it will be on my hands. I will not risk the lives of any of you by exposing you to what it is I’m planning. You will simply follow orders. You will never have to lie to say that you knew what I was doing.”

Vocca looked and nodded at Alux. Alux said, “I’m impressed with your commitment to your friends, Captain. As of now, the Coalition trusts you and supports you. You may ask more questions.”

“Alux, you had mentioned earlier that some of the Coalition couldn’t help you anymore.”

“Yes. The vile Keetron have encased the Owa, Exquivan, and the Xchagger in impenetrable red shield. Their entire planet is surrounded by this thing. We have never seen this type of technology before, and we cannot find any way to destroy it.”

Ian and the other crew members looked around at each other in slight disbelief. Ian said, “Alux, did you say ‘impenetrable red shields’?”


“Are you sure?”

“Absolutely. Why do you asked?”

“Alux, that sounds strangely familiar to an enslaving device used during a war back in our home galaxy 200 years ago.”

Alux looked at Ian and said, “Captain, that is a little odd.”

“Alux, what can you tell me of the Keetron’s allies?”

“The Keetron have many allies; all of which are equally deadly. They managed to recruit several local races to their cause: the Ploxis, the K’tang, the Vyro-Ingo, and the Ysioglaf. They brought with them quite a team as well. They have their guardians, the Mala-Kasa; their scouts, the Ttslatur. The Golkli… they are some religious sect of aliens that follows some god devoutly. The Fo’lo’ti… our brothers were reprogrammed by the Keetron, and now, we must fight them. The strange crystal aliens called the Chenjesu…”

“The WHAT?” yelled Ian.

A little surprised, Alux said, “The… Chenjesu?”

“That’s impossible. There’s no way. Show me a schematic of their ship.”

“The Broodhome?” asked Alux.


Alux showed the crew an exact schematic and blueprint of a Chenjesu Broodhome. In complete disbelief Ian said, “Alux, I don’t think you understand what this means. The Chenjesu disappeared 200 years ago… during that war. During the Doctrinal Conflict between the Kzer-Za and the Kohr-Ah when they combined with the Mmrnmhrm and created the Chmmr.”

Alux’s mouth was wide open, “Captain… did you say the Mmrnmhrm, Kzer-Za, and Kohr-Ah?”

Timidly Ian answered, “…yes.”

White light. Blinded. He couldn’t gather his thoughts. What was going on he wondered? Were his eyes closed? He couldn’t tell. Then he heard a voice. He had never heard this voice before. It seemed odd. It didn’t seem human. The white light began to fade and blurry images came into view. He was on a table… or a gurney. Bare walls. No, stainless steel, it seemed. Questions flooded his mind, and he tried to piece together what was going on.

“Awake, I see.” said the Voice.

He tried to speak but no words left his mouth.

“Shhh. Don’t try to move.”

He wondered who this voice belonged to. The images became less fuzzy, and he realized that he could only see from one eye. During this realization, his body began to wake up to the pain. This was a new pain that he had never felt before. His entire body screamed in agony.

“Son, don’t move. You were attacked. You are badly injured. No one survived. Including you. I changed that.”

Many questions were rushing through his mind. He dug through his memories to try and remember what had happened. It was all a blank, and soon, his mind could not focus on anything but the pain.

“I know you’re in pain. It’ll only last a few more seconds. It’s critical that your brain regains control of your body… this includes your pain receptors.”

He wanted to scream, “I FEEL THE PAIN!” but he could not speak, and he soon realized why. He had no jaw and no tongue. The Voice finally came into view of his one eye. It was tall and lanky but with muscle definition. It had bluish-brown skin and was humanoid and bipedal. It was clothed in laboratory garb, and its long fingers grasped what appeared to be a scalpel and a syringe.

The pain was too much and tears began to pour from his eye as he looked at the Voice. Peering over him, it touched his head and spoke, “There, there. That’s enough. I’ll make the pain go away. Go back to sleep, son. I’ll be here when you wake.”

Keeper’s eyes open. His gun was pointing directly at Qax’s head.

Qax whispered, “Keeper, it’s me, Qax.”

Keeper tried to sort through his memories and recent thoughts and spoke, “What’s going on? Where am I? Answer me!”

Qax stuttered, “Kee… Keeper. It’s me. It’s Qax. You’re on the Keetron starbase. The same place you’ve been for the past couple of months. You were asleep.”

Keeper’s eyes widen as he began to sort through his recent memories. He lowered his gun and said, “I’m sorry, Qax. Sometimes things become foggy. Sorting through 3600 years of memories can be difficult. Sometimes I don’t know if I’m dreaming or if I’m awake. If I’m in the past or the present… or the future. If I’m in this reality or another reality. Or in some fantasy.”

“You were dreaming?”

“Yeah… or remembering. I’m not sure.”

“Of what?”


“You really hate him don’t you?”

“I don’t know, Qax. He did save my life… or gave me new life. Or cursed me. I don’t know anymore.”

“Keeper, remember what I told you when we first met. Without you, our lives, and the lives of our allies, would not exist.”

Keeper nodded and said, “You woke me?”

“Yes. Keeper, the League, they are massing for an attack.”

Keeper rubbed his eyes, “Right on cue. How are our numbers?”


Keeper smiled and said, “Good. Prepare for a pre-emptive attack then. We’re going to hit them first. I want the Dreadnaughts, Marauders, Transformers, and Broodhomes on the front lines. Nothing like a little shock and awe, huh?”

Qax chuckled softly and hesitated and spoke, “Keeper, you know, we can’t beat them, right?”

Keeper breathed heavily at Qax, “Yes, I’m aware of that. This isn’t so that we can beat them. This is buying us time. It’ll make them rethink their assault. That will give us an advantage, so that we can enact The Turning.”

Qax saluted Keeper and left the chamber. Keeper sat up and leaned over his bed with his head tucked between his arms. He sat in silence for several minutes. He finally spoke out loud, “Gray.”

The apparition appeared and said, “Yes sir?”

“Gray, begin your attack on Captain McManus and the Keetron forces.”

“As you wish.” Gray saluted Keeper and disappeared.

Keeper stood and began to put on his coat and hat. He noticed Qax in doorway staring at him.

“Keeper, is that necessary?” asked Qax.

“I have rules to follow, Qax. I’m sorry.”

“I understand.”

“Qax, I assure you that my actions have a purpose. These events have to happen as I planned.”

Qax nodded again at Keeper.

Keeper said, “Come, Qax. Let’s get to the command bridge. We’ve got a fight to prepare for.”

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28-08-2014, 12:54 PM
RE: My Star Control Fanfic

But anyway Star Control was brilliant.

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28-08-2014, 02:43 PM
RE: My Star Control Fanfic
TL;DR so far - but I will & can't wait. Thumbsup

Never heard of Star Control. What sort of game (I assume) is it?

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28-08-2014, 02:49 PM (This post was last modified: 28-08-2014 02:59 PM by kingschosen.)
RE: My Star Control Fanfic
(28-08-2014 02:43 PM)kim Wrote:  TL;DR so far - but I will & can't wait. Thumbsup

Never heard of Star Control. What sort of game (I assume) is it?

It's a Sci-Fi action/adventure/RPG based on space exploration and diplomacy of alien races. The Mass Effect series based its concept on Star Control.

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28-08-2014, 03:03 PM
RE: My Star Control Fanfic
i read, i like. more. now.

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(06-02-2014 03:47 PM)Momsurroundedbyboys Wrote:  And I'm giving myself a conclusion again from all the facepalming.
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28-08-2014, 03:28 PM
RE: My Star Control Fanfic
(28-08-2014 03:03 PM)morondog Wrote:  i read, i like. more. now.

Haha, thanks. I'll have to start writing on it some more.

Question.. I feel my humor sucks. What can I do to improve it... or should I cut it out all together?

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28-08-2014, 03:52 PM
RE: My Star Control Fanfic
(28-08-2014 03:28 PM)kingschosen Wrote:  
(28-08-2014 03:03 PM)morondog Wrote:  i read, i like. more. now.

Haha, thanks. I'll have to start writing on it some more.

Question.. I feel my humor sucks. What can I do to improve it... or should I cut it out all together?

Humour? Oh that stuff where everyone's giving Kronc a hard time (Kronc, seriously??? What kind of name is that?). You have to have that kind of interpersonal humour - if not then your characters will be stiff - they are real people. (Yes they're supposed to be fucken aliens but srsly, like in all sci fi movies they're basically people dressed in body suits, who the fuck in intergalactic space is gonna magically encounter people whose culture so closely matches that they can communicate? It's *not* fucken likely. Then again, neither are time-travelling super-assassin human weirdos. Drinking Beverage )

No matter how you think it sucks it has to be there. If you think it sucks, try not to force it. Just think of how for example one of your friends would react in a similar situation. There'll be the clown types and there'll be the grumpy types and there'll be all spectrum in between. Then stick your friend in a literary alien body suit and dump him in the story.

We'll love you just the way you are
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(06-02-2014 03:47 PM)Momsurroundedbyboys Wrote:  And I'm giving myself a conclusion again from all the facepalming.
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28-08-2014, 06:44 PM
RE: My Star Control Fanfic
Thanks MD. So, overall you like it?

And, the name comes from canon SC... it's a Thraddash-like name like other Thraddash. Thraddash kinda talk like pirates with snarls.

Slylandro were uplifted by the Humans, so they adopted most of humanity's culture and names. Slylandro live on Earth with humans.

Dhreep-eep is a Yehat and all their names sound like that. In SC canon they speak with a heavy Scottish accent.

Tazz is Chmmr and is half sentient machine and half sentient crystals. In SC canon, Chmmr talk in all caps.

Benjiro is a Shofixti, and in SC canon they have a society like feudal Asia and speak with an Asian accent.

The reason they can understand each other is because humanity has become the dominant race; thus, having the races of the league learn the common language. Also, everyone has an earpiece that translates any langue into the individual's native language.

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28-08-2014, 11:28 PM
RE: My Star Control Fanfic
(28-08-2014 06:44 PM)kingschosen Wrote:  Thanks MD. So, overall you like it?
If I hated it I wouldn't ask for more...

Quote:And, the name comes from canon SC... it's a Thraddash-like name like other Thraddash. Thraddash kinda talk like pirates with snarls.

Slylandro were uplifted by the Humans, so they adopted most of humanity's culture and names. Slylandro live on Earth with humans.

Dhreep-eep is a Yehat and all their names sound like that. In SC canon they speak with a heavy Scottish accent.

Tazz is Chmmr and is half sentient machine and half sentient crystals. In SC canon, Chmmr talk in all caps.

Benjiro is a Shofixti, and in SC canon they have a society like feudal Asia and speak with an Asian accent.

The reason they can understand each other is because humanity has become the dominant race; thus, having the races of the league learn the common language. Also, everyone has an earpiece that translates any langue into the individual's native language.
Yah I get that the game creators or whoever have to have some ridiculously improbable story for how the alien races can communicate. Otherwise the game goes nowhere... Tongue

We'll love you just the way you are
If you're perfect -- Alanis Morissette
(06-02-2014 03:47 PM)Momsurroundedbyboys Wrote:  And I'm giving myself a conclusion again from all the facepalming.
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29-08-2014, 07:48 PM
RE: My Star Control Fanfic
How are my action, story, prose, and characters?

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