My Vegetarianism, under the scope.
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01-07-2012, 03:39 PM
RE: My Vegetarianism, under the scope.
(26-02-2012 11:48 AM)NotSoVacuous Wrote:  Recently I have converted to vegetarianism. I always thought it was wrong to eat animals, but I never acted. I have done a lot of thinking as to what I would not eat, and now it has come down to dairy and eggs. At the moment I am still eating dairy products and eggs. I will reveal my rational behind it.

I am acting off well being.

Eating meat causes the death of animals.
The death of animals can be harmful and can retract happiness from the animal.
Therefore eating meat is morally wrong.

As for milk and eggs:

Obtaining milk and eggs from animals doesn't have to harm them. (If done morally)
Animals not being harmed does not retract happiness.
Therefore eating eggs and dairy is not morally wrong.

Although companies today do harm their chickens and cows when obtaining eggs and milk, that doesn't mean they have to. So just as it isn't morally wrong to buy from companies like apple because their workers overseas are treated poorly. People purchasing said products doesn't inevitably bring harm; companies are the ones directly harming employees.

I need... good arguments if and why my rational is inconsistent or incorrect. Thanks.

Hi Notso.

Admire your stance. as for me I have just changed to the Mediaranean Diet which involves a lot of fish.

Still looking into a lot of issues; I think some people may need a little fish/meat................ Huh

"Lean,keen, and so serene"~~~
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