My cause, my passion
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16-09-2015, 01:29 AM
My cause, my passion
Hi fellow Atheists, I am currently organizing a walk and awareness event called "Spotlight on Consent". It will take physically take place on October 24th in Calgary, AB, Canada. However, I am selling t-shirts via Teespring to broaden the spotlight and impacted.

I was raped twice and had attempted rape that I was able to escape. I started the Consent is the Key page and Spotlight on Consent event because I am declaring that I am NO longer identifying as a VICTIM of sexual assault but rather I am the outspoken advocate for SURVIVORS who I know are out there. I am also here to do all I can to reduce the number of new victims. CONSENT is SEXY and CONSENT builds MUTUAL LOVE AND RESPECT and doesn't kill the mood.

I will be adding one new fact about sexual assault each day and one fact about CCASA (the charity I am supporting via my event) each day to my event and the page. Please join me and post a brief statement of why you too believe a Spotlight on Consent will bring sexual assault out the dark and help to reduce victims (women, men and children).

If you live in or near Calgary I love it if you could attend. Otherwise, buy a Tshirt and support Calgary Communities Against Sexual Assault and then wear the Tshirt to spread the word that we need to live in a world that has a Culture of Consent. Either way please share my cause and help create a brighter spotlight

Thank you and Peace out, Sheila

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