My conclusions on GOD
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07-03-2012, 03:41 PM
RE: My conclusions on GOD
(20-02-2012 04:11 PM)N.E.OhioAtheist Wrote:  My conclusions I have seen a lot of great minds on here debate over God, the Bible and the reality of his existence. I admit I really am not the sharpest tool in the box. BUT even with my small intellect I still can see their can be no God. I have no PhD's or proper collage training. I love shows on the Universe and the planets. I have read a little bit about Evolution from books like : The Greatest show on earth by Richard Dawkins. I found them informative and a good read. I am in the middle of God is not Great and love this style of writing. But like I say, I am no great mind. I was even thinking of leaving this site because I was unable to debate with most of the people on here. I have my gut feeling, but you cant debate with your gut. I may throw in my 2 cents but I wont get drawn into a big debate. I'll never change my mind on God and his non existence unless he comes and slaps me in the face. That is not going to happen. So if a guy like me can see this why cant all these smart people see it too?

My major problem is the egocentric audacity of religion rather than the question of the existence of God. Why should one accept the weird views of gurus, masters, prophets, priests, and all those claiming great theological understanding?

I am unable to deny potential facets of the cosmos, perhaps ethical, nor in any way confirm them. My human intelligence indicates no god as defined by man and I cannot go beyond my secular reasonings, even with science, let alone the ultra muddled god concept. Angel
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