My friend was healed & I can't explain why
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08-02-2017, 01:57 AM
RE: My friend was healed & I can't explain why
How come it's always complex systems that get healed but never simple ones? It should be easier to perform some simple telekinesis on a single coin or speck of inanimate material that can be observed under laboratory conditions. This should be far easier than physically manipulating and co-ordinating millions of cells in an active body. And it's always complex systems that have the ability to self heal, such as a body, or even a machine if the fault developed from overheating or because a small component isn't fully aligned in the position that's set out for it because vibrations knock it around.

The self proclaimed healers claim that it can't be demonstrated under lab conditions in front of a sceptic because God does not use his magic powers to convert people, they have to come to him under their own free will. But they can't then answer why there can't be two believers, with one being healed under lab conditions and precise measurements taken afterwards by a third party. And why is it that some things can't ever be healed, like a limb grown back or a severed spinal chord. It's too much of a coincidence that these are always wounds that the body can't repair itself.
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12-03-2017, 02:56 AM
RE: My friend was healed & I can't explain why
If I focus really hard on my fingers and toes I can get a funny feeling in them.... does that mean some magic man just had sex inside my fingers and toes?

Which is more reasonable?

1. I can't explain this therefor magic
2. I can't explain this, therefor I don't understand everything involved in what happened maybe I need more research, data, evidence.

Sometimes people heal for no known reason, yet this occurrence is equal among people regardless of religious or non religious affiliation (statistics are great aren't they? I'd link it for you but you really should practice using google). It also happens regardless of anyone "praying" or asking a magic man to do it. So is this phenomena really evidence of one particular deity that hates anyone who "doesn't believe and love him" ?

There's so many answers to this question, these are just a couple of examples. And I'm not trying to be rough with you dude, or anything like that. My suggestion? Read Carl Sagan's "Demon Haunted World" Study logic structure, how to form a sound hypothesis, how to test for an accurate reliable answer. I worry about people who become Atheists who haven't learned how to think for themselves. They are prone to falling for all sorts of weird magical thinking and pseudoscience. Do yourself a favor and don't be that guy k. You're better than that. Wink

DLJ Wrote:And, yes, the principle of freedom of expression works both ways... if someone starts shit, better shit is the best counter-argument.
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12-03-2017, 03:38 AM
RE: My friend was healed & I can't explain why
(07-01-2017 02:10 AM)DoubtingThomas Wrote:  So my best friend used to be lactose intolerant. One of his Christian friends laid hands on his stomach, prayed, and now for the past 6 years I've been seeing him eat cheese, milk, and all kinds of dairy food with no problems at all. He confessed that while he was being prayed for, he felt some kind of sensation in his stomach. And now he's no longer lactose intolerant.
I honestly have no explanation for this. I know our bodies work in mysterious ways but this seems too coincidental. What do you think?

> What evidence is there that he was lactose intolerant to begin with?
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