My idea about when we die what happens.
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02-04-2013, 07:34 PM
RE: My idea about when we die what happens.
(02-04-2013 10:26 AM)Dom Wrote:  Ok, this is what I think:

1. Consciousness is a part of the brain functions. When the brain is dead, consciousness, memory and everything is dead. Hence there can be no consciousness after death, and the person you were has ceased to exist alltogether.

2. In nature, everything gets recycled. It is obvious that your body is going to get recycled in one fashion or another.

Now, I always leave room for recognizing our limitation in observing and capturing stuff that exists, I don't really believe that we are advanced enough to be able to measure and label everything that is. We have come a very long way, but I think we have a very long way to go yet, too.

So I allow for the existance of "something" that is present and powering you while you are alive, something that is not your body and certainly not your consciousness which I consider part of the body as above.

This "something" would also get recycled as per the laws of nature. That would validate the OP's statements. However, it would only go into one specific life to power it if it were one unit of "something". If it is for instance something gaseous, it would disperse, mingle with other "somethings" out there, and new life would draw from this mixed gaseous "something" to power it. That would be more in line with nature, where recycled items are absorbed by various organisms and spat out and absorbed again and on and on. These recycled items do not remain one unit, they get all mixed up with other recycled items.

So, if we fly with the idea of "something" other than your body remaining after death, then most likely there are pools of it around and new life (probably anything from grass to elephants to people) can draw power from this pool.
This is an area that has intrigued me for many years.

Obviously when I am cremated my ashes may blow in the wind or perhaps provide some form of fertilization to some part of nature in some way.
I do not see "me" fetus, child, youth,young man, old man, along with memories, existing and forgotten, 'going wham bang thank you Mam' to regenerate in any Christian replica of myself at any of those past stages. I see Unbeliever's analogy as relevant here.

The reincarnation people speak of being re born in another body.
How can my identity, what made me, be "me" in another person?

The eastern idea of Karma is a sort of learning to be a better person via different bodies. Strange a new body having to suffer, or enjoy, via any number of past 'others', isn't it? The nature of the' betterment' is also worrisome? How is it decreed?

There may be ineffable phenomena out there, even higher minds and moralities, understandings, and meanings beyond our wildest imaginings;as for me I'm not taking on any of the dogmas claiming to justify these.........................
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03-04-2013, 09:05 AM
RE: My idea about when we die what happens.
I don't see any of these as a possibility, what makes you "you" is all in your brain, all your experiences and hard wiring, and that will be dead.

Taking your experiences or hard wiring with you seems to be an impossibility.

And really, why would you want to?

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Science is the process we've designed to be responsible for generating our best guess as to what the fuck is going on. Girly Man
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