My job and morality
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08-09-2014, 07:24 PM
My job and morality
As a U.S. citizen and a current military member it is very evident how most feel that support of their troops are seen as almost mandatory and if anyone who opposes this is usually ostracized. As a military person myself I too once shared this outlook on the military and all it's members but since coming to the conclusion of atheism I've strayed more away from this admiration. This may seem weird as to how atheism connects to patriotism so I will explain.

First, in my understanding of most religions it's usually to some extent of believing that your deity(s) are right no matter how wrong it may seem. I think that this undying support of our troops are much of the same way. We usually chastise anyone who may question what our military is doing or maybe going so far as to condemning those who kill in the name of country,freedom, etc. For me I've started to question why I really joined and if it was for a good reason and the answer is undoubtedly no. Like many of my brothers and sisters in arms I joined mainly for a job and nothing more.

Now I've done a totally of four years in the United States Air Force and have only two left so there is no point in just peacefully finishing my enlistment and getting out. This sounds great in theory but man it's getting tough. Many of you may have seen my last few post about the one airman who was denied the right to re-enlist due to his noncompliance to say the words "so help me God" in his oath. Now most would think the one organization who would be all about the constitution would be the ones sworn to "protect" it. WRONG!! This gets me a little angry of course but again why not just do my two years peacefully and get out?

To go back to my previous point about the military and religion having similarities I want to address something I've noticed. One of the most common terms I've heard since I've been in is "shut up and color" meaning just keep your head down and do what your told. Of course when I first joined up as a motivated crisp slick sleeve(noob) I was very accepting of this(right before my coming out as an atheist). The entire point of this way of thinking is to keep everyone obeying the commanding officer(or non-commissioned officer) without questions because it may save lives down the line. Now most of you can see my immediate problem with that. These last two years I've really developed more intellectually and have studied more and more in regards to religion and philosophy. One thing that I've come to dislike supremely is unquestioned authority. To me it is a recipe for mindless pawns and after spending years deflecting my families attempts to turn me into just that in regards to religion it doesn't sit well.

I have really been struggling with this of course for the better of my career outside of the military it makes since to just finish my career and get out peacefully. I just don't like not questioning things. It has nothing to do with rebellion or anything but its for the better understanding of the situation. I've already been threatened with paperwork and my supervisor along with my other superiors are trying to figure out why I've all of a sudden stop just blindly taking orders. Don't worry I've not done anything to jeopardize my co-workers or myself but I have angered the top because they don't have control on a situation which is the one thing they do hate.

I understand that yes I should just keep my head down because all it's going to do is turn out bad for me but....I have a problem not questioning things especially after my understanding of different dogmas. Anyway I just wanted to vent. Any advice will be greatly appreciated!
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08-09-2014, 07:32 PM
RE: My job and morality
Way back in the day I was in the Army. Then I was married to a soldier so I get the 'shut up and color' thing.

Though it isn't the easiest solution I would suggest finishing out your enlistment and getting the most out of it you can. Take classes or whatever. You did sign a contract for a period of time. Honor that contract. They may be able to somewhat control your actions but they can't control your mind.

Get out in two years with an Honorable and go out into the real world. Good, bad, or indifferent military service can open some doors for you. It's a game, you play it the best way you know how. You've been in long enough to know there's a lot of BS so it shouldn't be a surprise.

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08-09-2014, 08:17 PM (This post was last modified: 08-09-2014 08:21 PM by GirlyMan.)
RE: My job and morality
(08-09-2014 07:24 PM)MrKrispy601 Wrote:  I understand that yes I should just keep my head down because all it's going to do is turn out bad for me but....

I never had no problems with being an open atheist in the USN going on some 35 years ago now. Navy didn't give a shit about my metaphysics, my race, my gender, the size of my cock, all they gave a shit about was my performance. The fuck's wrong with the Air Force? ACLU will correct 'em soon enough.

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09-09-2014, 05:34 AM
RE: My job and morality
(08-09-2014 08:17 PM)GirlyMan Wrote:  The fuck's wrong with the Air Force?

The Air Force Academy.

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