My response to this article Romeny God Card
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12-09-2012, 08:24 PM
RE: My response to this article Romeny God Card
Sorry for the double post, here is the current post

This article is about Mitt Romney’s new tactic to win over voters –playing The God Card. He used it to make it look like his opponent, current President Obama, is in favor of removing God off of government issued money. He uses this tactic in a demeaning and false way to make it appear that he is more religious than Obama, so he will be the more likely winner in the end. Since Romney doesn’t have much going for him, he uses a weak tactic to win over potential voters.
In early civilizations there soon came the need for a leader, and often it was a religious figure. Sadly, The United States of America has not evolved or moved on from this primitive notion. Instead of focusing on actual qualifications people focus on how much alike they are with the individual. Often this would put the people of said civilization into peril. The only interesting thing is that Romney is not the normal type of Christian, which is a nice change. He is proving the awful stereotypes of Mormons wrong.
If people don’t focus on what their new leader is going for, how will they trust him? Hitler didn’t take office of Germany, he was elected in. Now I’m not saying Romney is going to be the next Hitler, I don’t think he’s shown any reason for me to come to that conclusion. It's simply about people elected Hitler because of his speeches, rather than looking at his qualifications. So is America making a mistake in repeating this?
I also take issue with what Romney and Obama are doing, much like the author said it feels like they’re ignoring atheists and agnostics, who are a part of our country. Often many are educated in the fields of science or just simple people who live their lives like everyday citizens. Although I wouldn’t go as far to claim its shoving God down their throats, merely it’s not being considerate to people of other faiths – and non-faiths.
I chose this article because I found it to be the most astonishingly least important part of a Presidential candidate. Voters worry too much of minor things like one man’s religion or skin color that they overlook what they plan to do for the US. Or they use a man’s religion to discourage others for voting for him, which isn’t much like the spirit of the United States.

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