My sister is a natural role-player
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24-12-2014, 07:31 PM
My sister is a natural role-player
My sister wanted me to run a Pathfinder Campaign for her birthday, so I did my standard. I was originally going to do a Grinch One Shot, but I decided on my "center of the earth" freestyle campaign... But I gave my sister permission to play one of Santa's Helpers... a Gnome. (Gnome Ranger if you are wondering)

...It is an amazingly obnoxious character. Thankfully the other Character is stoic and silent because my NPCs couldn't get a word in edgewise between the high pitched rapid fire questions of "are you naughty or nice". It was amazing how well she played, and how in character she was. I was very impressed... I have never wanted to shank a character quite so badly.

Enough with my rant. Everyone has a story of characters and games that are near and dear to their heart. I would like to hear some.

What is the best Character you've ever played? The best house rule mechanic? Best villain?
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