Mystery Solved Crazy Funny Video Clips
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10-09-2016, 05:21 AM
Mystery Solved Crazy Funny Video Clips
The smart thermostat and home security system "Nest" has uploaded few crazy video clippings to its Youtube channel as a playlist named "Mystery solved”, to promote its Nest Cam.

According to, most of the videos are real, user-submitted videos. However, some of them were staged for an upcoming ad campaign promoting Nest Cam Outdoor.
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11-09-2016, 05:08 PM
RE: Mystery Solved Crazy Funny Video Clips
Not clicking the video because 4 posts of which 3 are the OP of threats like this one. The one post that isn't like this OP there, consists of another two mindless lines of bla.

The era of "well bots are detected so I need to send real people into forums now" has begun years ago. I remember the job postings for this stuff on odesk. I used to do a lot of translation and writing jobs on there and used to see a lot of those postings along the lines of "Easy job. Post in forums and include my link. 1 cent per post. 5-Star rating for your profile guaranteed." And I was always thinking, a well probably people from very poor countries will do this because 1 cent is better than nothing and probably has more value there than it has here.

Ah well... still not giving you my valuable click for that video. Yes I just spent 5 minutes writing this post, dwelling in memories and it probably took me longer to write this than it would have taken me to watch the video. I actually did a mouse-over the link and saw that it is at least not any malicous spam but really just a youtube video. Still though... I don't wanna.

At the off-chance that I am wrong with what I am assuming you are doing here, sorry and thank you for making me remember that time of my life when I worked via odesk. Was pretty cool. Freelance, nice money, sleep and work whenever. Sweet life sweet life...


Captain Underpants
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