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30-03-2015, 10:07 AM (This post was last modified: 30-03-2015 10:12 AM by Sick_Jesus.)
Myth Database...
In debates we often hear stuff like:

"And you believe mohammed actually flew to heaven on a winged horse?" or "And you're also of the opinion that the world is less than 6000 years old?"

Sure, such questions mostly always win a point or two but it is over all too quickly and these religious maggots can always wriggle through the believing of one or two myths or miracles without making themselves look too much stupider. But what if for 5 minutes we were to pull our opponents to task on every ridiculous myth they hold to be true and force them into making one long series of the most complete and idiotic absurdities one could imagine? Maybe such a thorough revelation of the utter horse-shit they hold as gospel will nail home to some viewers/participants just how insane it all really is.

So in this post let us all get together and make the first thorough Database of these myths. From the flying horse to Sai Baba's vomitting up of golden eggs, to all the accepted miracles of saints and prophets covering all the major religions.

Let's try to focus on the main seven/eight religions:


and once we've done that (or in conjunction with that in a separate thread) we can also make a database of the myths of all dead and pagan religions.

When giving your two-cents worth please state:

Personage: Jesus

Myth: Resurrection of the dead

Religion: Christianity/Islam
Sect/branch: (if myth/miracle is only relevant to a certain sect or branch of that religion)

(Any other suggestions or criteria anyone thinks would be helpful for the database please do say.)

as we get along i'll collate and order all suggestions into a usable reference guide, religion by religion. I'll also create some kind of an easy to view list so as we know what mythical nonsense has already been brought to light.

One other last bit of fun we can have is giving any suggestions for a nice acronym by which we can name our database:

e.g: DORM (Database Of Religious Myths)


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