Myths about Alqaeda.
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21-10-2012, 08:42 PM
RE: Myths about Alqaeda.
(21-10-2012 08:16 PM)Phaedrus Wrote:  Critical thinking does not mean "thinks exactly like Mr. I and I". Critical thinking, as I said, is a tool and can be applied, or not applied, to any subject. And most people, you are correct, are not good at critical thinking, though most are capable of learning, if they're taught how before they become set in their beliefs.

You're basically saying, "I don't like the government, and most people seem apathetic about it. Therefore they're all fucking morons who are brainwashed into believing whatever the media says, every single one of them." Which is why you're an arrogant, stupid, boring internet asshole who I feel ok about insulting because you didn't come here for genuine debate, but rather to just call everyone sheeple and bitch about things that most educated people do, in fact, actually know, but aren't really relevant to their interest or everyday life.

Pull your head out of your ass and consider that you could be wrong, and that people have better things to worry about. Not everyone gives a shit about foreign policy. Some people would rather we focused on resolving issues at home before fixing our broken world reputation. Mkay? Oh, and check your facts. Just because something is insinuated in a news article or blog does not make it fact, and just because the government says something doesn't make it a lie.

So someone who goes about their daily life and doesn't pay attention to things going on in the world is a critical thinker? So according to you the millions of people, that liked Hitler or didn't oppose him or didn't care but still went on their daily life not questioning or looking at the trend of what was going on around the world to you is a critical thinker? How did that critical thinking work out for them?

Right now we are putting sanctions on Iran and the media is working up a frenzy and fear into americans about Iranian nuclear weapons, we have seen this before, this usually means a war in several years or less. Are you saying that a person who doesn't care about any of this or doesn't recognizes this is a critical thinker?
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