NDE explaned by science. (+Sleep Paralysis)
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18-01-2013, 10:43 AM
Re: RE: NDE explaned by science. (+Sleep Paralysis)
(17-01-2013 09:43 PM)amyb Wrote:  
(16-01-2013 09:07 AM)mawil1013 Wrote:  http://m.youtube.com/#/watch?v=xYZoX4N5_...YZoX4N5_YQ

Eben Alexander interview,
I'm sure you can find stuff on youtube from people that believe in fairies, unicorns, and dragons, too, but personal beliefs aren't the same as verifiable evidence. Personal experiences can be very convincing to those who want to believe in them.
Did you view it? Did you research the doctor?
Do an Amazon search on the man's name, he is a renowned neurosurgeon who's written medical journal's and is acknowledged in the medical community. But yeah, just another YouTube jerk wad. LOL He has more knowledge of the brain in one pinky finger than the combined knowledge of 99 % of the rest of humanity. He has money, he has recognition in his career.
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