NY Times podcast ("The Daily") on Steve Bannon and 2 on White Supremacy
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22-08-2017, 11:38 AM
NY Times podcast ("The Daily") on Steve Bannon and 2 on White Supremacy
I have started listening to the NY Times podcast "The Daily" on most mornings. They are typically ~20-25 minutes long, with a few encroaching upon 30 minutes. Generally the format is to cover one big story a day and then a few quick statements on other miscellaneous news items at the end. You can get them for free on iTunes and I imagine for free on the Google Play Store too. Occasionally they do more in-depth reporting on a singular topic and lately they have been doing a lot on White Supremacy.

The first episode I noticed aired last Friday (Aug 18th), but I haven't quite finished that one yet. It starts off detailing how White Supremacists have used the site Discord as a way of communicating. It sounds fascinating so I need to finish listening to it. Today's episode (Aug 22nd) interviewed Derek Black, a former White Supremacist who comes from a family of White Nationalists. His father is the one who started the largest and oldest website for White Supremacy back in the 90's. It is a very interesting interview that gives some good insight into the mindset of someone who grew up with White Nationalist ideologies being normalized.

Yesterday's episode (Aug 21st) discussed Steve Bannon and his exit from the Whitehouse, as well as some details about his history with Breitbart and what he may be planning now that he is back there. I don't think it is a coincidence that a podcast on him is sandwiched between 2 episodes on White Supremacy.

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