NZ census result (regarding religion)
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21-12-2013, 08:16 AM
RE: NZ census result (regarding religion)
(21-12-2013 01:57 AM)Stevil Wrote:  
(20-12-2013 04:57 AM)earmuffs Wrote:  The results came back a couple weeks back and they're great news for religion in this shitty country (or lack there of I should say).
NZ is an awesome country.

Spoken like a true non-New Zealander.

Quote:Every time I open this thread, my anti-virus program alerts me of the fact that your image comes from an infected website; I can't even see it because of that. Dodgy

Lol? It's just an imagine I took from the New Zealand atheist website. It's a .org website.
It's basically just a graph showing the data, showing a sharp decline in the religious between 1972 and 2013 (from around 90% to 48%) and an increase in the non-religious from the same period (from less than 5% in 1972 to over 40% in 2013) and the rest (combined) as more or less a constant figure around the 10-20% mark (mostly Hinduism and other Asian religions (including a bit of Islam)).

Quote:That is...

1.63 million people
2.77 million sheep

The census question was:
Do you celebrate religious festivals such as christmas?

26% more respondents this year said:
Baaaaaa humbug.


I hate you go die. Tongue
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