Nasa sells shuttle PCs without wiping secret data
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08-12-2010, 02:54 PM
Nasa sells shuttle PCs without wiping secret data
We don't need enemy spies trying to infiltrate private government documents and programs, when our own space agency is this stupid. Dodgy
[Image: vqmwes.jpg]
Space shuttle at dawn NASA is selling of hundreds of PCs used on its Space Shuttle programme

US space agency Nasa has been left red-faced after selling off computers without ensuring that highly sensitive data had been removed.

An internal investigation found 10 cases where PCs were sold despite failing data removal procedures.

Another four PCs - which were about to be sold - were found to contain data restricted under arms control rules.

The computers were being sold off as Nasa winds down its space shuttle operations.

The last shuttle flight is scheduled for June 2011. (Continues @ BBC)

Unfucking believable! Really!Rolleyes
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