National Atheist Party
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05-07-2011, 07:35 PM
RE: National Atheist Party
You seem to have a very extreme states' rights position, but ultimately I do agree with letting each political system compete by running its own state. At least provided that people who don't like those laws are able to leave and seek a more reasonable state before they get stoned for apostasy or put in a mental institution for being a young earth creationist.

I don't agree that it should be taken to the extreme you've described, but I really haven't thought a lot about how far states rights should go.

As for the atheist party, what you've described makes sense. However, I'm not sure how the party would deal with issues that atheists have no consensus about. I don't see how candidates can avoid losing much of their support when they take a side on one of these issues.
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06-07-2011, 07:21 AM (This post was last modified: 06-07-2011 07:25 AM by TrainWreck.)
RE: National Atheist Party
Well, it is going to take the actual realization of proportional voting before most people will understand how it benefits their representation. And I think what you are probably missing is that the political parties that we have now are seemingly without factions, and that is because the popular voting system does something that causes the factions to not be noticed in the excitement of the campaigns where the most charismatic candidate is assumed to behold all the ideas of all the factions in the party.

Humanism - ontological doctrine that posits that humans define reality
Theism - ontological doctrine that posits a supernatural entity creates and defines reality
Atheism - political doctrine opposed to theist doctrine in public policy
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15-11-2011, 02:01 AM
RE: National Atheist Party
(27-06-2011 01:21 PM)TrainWreck Wrote:  I'll bet you are more than just a member. You will eventually come to realize that you are the leader and nobody wants to follow your ideas, although they are willing to call themselves,"members." you will also find that you are the only one who might do any work in trying to organize an agenda that other people might be interested in subscribing to, but chances are when you realize the work it takes to do that, you will give up and hide.

7,380 members would disagree, sir... Especially due to the fact that the National Atheist Party has just become an official sponsor of the 2012 Reason Rally, the "largest secular event in world history". Not to mention it's official status as a 527 political organization, as well as positive mentions by "An American Atheist" podcast, "A-News" and several other prominent members of the atheist community.

But, yeah... You're probably right. This won't even make a dent in the political spectrum. ;-)
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