Naughty Chair, Mexican Style
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02-04-2017, 01:42 AM
RE: Naughty Chair, Mexican Style
(31-03-2017 07:15 PM)dancefortwo Wrote:  This is totally, completely off topic and an entirely different subject and I apologize in advance, but I was reminded of the Automatic Sperm Extractor in China for those men too embarrassed to use their hands. ?

I kinda get the distinct impression that this wasn't a problem in need of a solution, but rather a solution in search of a problem. Big Grin

We've made a masturbation machine!

But it costs too much for widespread home adoption.

Well, goverments spend all kinds of money on stupid shit, so long as it sorta solves a problem, right?

Huh, what kind of problem could a masturbation machine solve?


People who donate sperm, but are conversely too embarrassed to jack themselves off in a room alone with a few magazine?

[Image: guinness-brilliant.jpg]


[Image: E3WvRwZ.gif]
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