Nazi alert and other people's reactions
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27-12-2012, 01:57 PM
RE: Nazi alert and other people's reactions
(27-12-2012 01:31 PM)Luminon Wrote:  What kind of risks do you enjoy?

I enjoy turning crazy ideas into viable businesses, staying way clear of investors because I don't like the interference.

I hardly think any society can make "no strings attached" resources available to anyone who wants to turn crazy ideas into a business, it's just not practical. You need your own resources, and resourcefulness, and that is where the challenge lies.

Besides it sounds like there wouldn't be any business anyway, and no point in creating one, since there is no money.

Then you have the fact that whatever situation people live under, they want to do forbidden things. No matter what the culture, there always have been black markets for this, that and the other. Wanna bet there will be a black market thriving, if not for money then for trades of whatever? What about drugs? Guns? Do you really think people will all of a sudden trust each other and be happy? I don't think so.

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